The Best Double DIN Head Unit of 2022

You can use the best double din head unit to improve your driving experience. Besides, the product has various features that will spice up your ride.

As you use the head unit, operating your vehicle becomes exciting. Moreover, you will enjoy audio music and radio programs, uninterrupted in your car.

You will take advantage of embedded maps to navigate easily. Or even better, there is Bluetooth technology that allows hands-free design.

Best Double Head Din Unit – Updated 2022

In this write-we will delve on ten products for your selection. We will guide you to the end for you to make the right decision.

We appreciate that finding a perfects product is not a walk in the park. You need specific knowledge to simplify the process.

1. Alpine iLX-207 – Best Double Din Head Unit

Alpine iLX-107 is among the best double din head units. It features functional hardware. Besides, it has a capacitive touch screen that is 7 inches in size.

One will enjoy a bright display featuring a dedicated Siri. You can use the home button to access the device settings.

As you press the Siri button, you will be activating the Apple’s digital assistant. The screen has a menu for your navigation, as you find it appropriate.

Alpine has a CarPlay unit and a microphone. Furthermore, the unit has a Bluetooth function. The wireless design will sync with your phone conveniently.

The Bluetooth will use the GPS antenna to send data to your iPhone. It also syncs with Maps to enhance your traveling experience.

Still, it uses Android auto and Apple CarPlay to provide an excellent user interface. It allows the user to manage several controls via the screen.

Furthermore, Apple CarPlay has beautiful intelligence in determining the recently used app. The design simplifies the browsing of files at a faster rate.

You can still enjoy your music as you drive. One will only require to select the favorite music from the list.

If you want to search the name of an artist, all you need to do is type the first letter of the artists and access the playlist.

The product has an excellent way of supporting the sound system of the car. It features three pre-outs for the same purpose.

Luckily, the user will access more than 2000 radio stations. They feature both FM and AM local frequencies. It buses a hands-free design while listening to music or making and receiving calls.

The same products boast of ‘my favorite features’ create shortcut icons. For example, it may be phone numbers, places, and audio sources.

The double din has an independent dual-zone video. It will separate both front and rear videos.

Last but not least, it is compatible with FLAC. The crony stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec. You can play FLAC files to enhance the listening experience.

What We Liked
  • The product has a prominent touchscreen and remarkably responsive

  • The steering wheel is remote control compatible

  • It is compatible with both Android and Apple CarPlay

  • The CarPlay is safer as compared to using your iPhone while driving

  • It shows flexibility when adding up a backup camera and CD player

What We Didn't Like
  • It is expensive

  • Pro install is a must

2. Pioneer MVH1400NEX – Best Pioneer Double Din

It among the best budget-oriented product as it shares a vital feature that makes it function. It has the same features that you will get from a high-end head unit.

One can consider using this product if you want a modest entertainment system. Unfortunately, it lacks an Android auto. You will have to depend on built-in Bluetooth for connection.

Another exciting feature is it comes with a capacitive touchscreen that is 6.2 inches. The capacitive design makes it fast. However, the screen will pronounce your fingerprints.

The driver will connect the rear camera to control how you park the car. You can use your phone and connect your USB port for audio and music playback.

This digital receiver uses Apples’ CarPlay; hence Siri comes in handy. The design allows you to answer and make calls. The Siri will receive texts, read, and respond to them!

You will also need an extra widget to control your stock steering wheel. Since Pioneer buttons are digital, they, therefore, will not break. One will not have to replace them.

This double din head unit has a high sound quality. You will take advantage of an excellent audio playback, whether it is from an FM or music track.

Pioneer MVH1400NEX has pro installs features to save your time. It allows passengers to watch videos as you drive.

Unluckily, if you want to use the iDataLink Maestro separately, you will ave to buy it. The feature is useful in retaining the stock steering wheel controls.

Still, the Pioneer MVH1400NEX has a graphical analyzer. It features 13 customizable bands.

What We Liked
  • A big capacitive touchscreen which is 6.2 inches

  • The buttons will not break since they are digital

  • It has comprehensive options of sound selection from Pandora or Spotify

  • It offers excellent support for both Apple CarPlay

  • It is a pocket-friendly option

What We Didn't Like
  • It only supports Apple platform

3. Kenwood eXcelon DNX995S – Best Android double din

You can always opt for Kenwood Excelon DNX995S to experience great entertainment. It is a preference for those drivers who want to have wireless Android Auto.

If you are a fan of Sirius, then the head unit comes fully loaded with it. You will not get bored due to various streaming apps like Pandora and Spotify.

Besides, the head unit has a user-friendly platform to allow quality sound experiences. It is an all-round performer as it will enable you to connect smartphones.

However, one of its downsides is that it may not be a fast model. It responds when you press the screen buttons.

Interestingly, this head unit has a big 6.95 inches screen. It has excellent features that allow various functions to happen uniquely.

Remarkably, this touchscreen has a 720 resolution. One has the freedom to personalize everything on that big screen. If you want a better view, you can set the system for better without distracting your focus.

The good news is that this head unit has a rear video camera. You can utilize it appropriately, especially when parking the car.

Moreover, the head unit features six-channel preamp outputs. The setting will enable the driver to develop a powerful audio system in the car.

The design will also allow you to connect it to a rear audio unit and a subwoofer. It has the best crisp and clear sound quality.

Beyond that, you can still listen to your radio, both AM and FM. It also allows CD DVD and all files from a USB drive.

The head bin unit is compatible with both Android and Apple devices. You can use Bluetooth connectivity or by using cables.

What We Liked
  • The negative degree tilting will eliminate any glare

  • It has a large 6.95-inch capacitive touchscreen

  • The screen has user-friendly features

  • It allows the user to connect an external drive up to 1 TB capacity

  • It has multiple speaker audio output

What We Didn't Like
  • The head bin unit will pronounce the fingerprints

  • It has a slow response

4. Sony XAV-AX5500 – Best Budget Double Din Head Unit

Sony XAV-AX 5000 has impressive looks hence a popular choice for many people. It has a clean and straightforward interface that is user-friendly.

The good news is that it has reserved colors hence will blend well with the car’s interior. If you want a car stereo with digital buttons and easy to operate, then this may be your choice.

The double din head units use CarPlay to perform various functions like messaging. You will comfortably receive and call people without distracting the road the focus.

The product comes with a perfect brightness that features 500cd/m squared. On the other arm, it boasts of a contrast ratio of 600.

You can still connect the Android auto and enjoy its features on your screen. Some of the features are phonebooks, audio music, and access to maps.

Unfortunately, the head bin unit is not wireless. One must tether it via USB. The stereo has two USB ports if you want to do that.

The product has a large 6.95 inches touchscreen. The driver will only have to tap some touch controls; thus, it is easy to operate.

You can involve the embed maps to determine your destination in real-time. The key pane is quick to access. You will instantly enjoy primary key access.

The screen is fast and responsive, with large menu icons to simplify its operations. The entire touchscreen offers it a modern look.

The user will still enjoy music for the library. The system has a proper mechanism to control volume to safe levels as you drive.

Another exciting feature is the product is Sirius XM radio compatible. If you want, you can comfortably connect it to Sirius radio satellite and enjoy music.

Last but not least, it has a rearview camera. It becomes useful when you want to view the rear as you park your car.

What We Liked
  • The capacitive touchscreens will load faster

  • The double din head unit looks impressive while in your car

  • It has a large screen with controls that are easy to operate

  • It is compatible with both Android and Apple platforms

  • The dimmer makes it to stand out

What We Didn't Like
  • It lacks HDMI and HD radio

5. Pioneer AVH-X390BS – Best Double Din Head Unit Under 200

Pioneer AVH-X390BS are accessible double din head units that have customizable features. They make the home screen to remain functional. It is more effective than a single din.

You can make this product your choice if you love customizable gadgets. It allows you to manipulate it to your preferences. Like many other car stereos, it offers you an output of 50 watts x 4 channels.

Moreover, you will have five color options for different display options.

You will also be able to control the amount of brightness as per your preferences. It is friendly to your eyes so you will not experience the blind feeling as you drive at night.

Also, the backlight has a dimmer switch to increase convenience. The touchscreen is responsive hence faster to operate than a single din. Besides, the screen has a resolution of 800 X 480.

Overall, this car stereo has 14 presets to use on both AM and FM stations. As you connect the device through USB, you can see the JPEG images.

This model has an allowance to support the rear camera. Unluckily, if you want to use it, you have to purchase it separately as it does not come within the package.

The unit comes with a microphone to support a hands-free calling. You will, therefore, use it comfortably to listen to music and answer calls.

Meanwhile, the head bin unit has a built-in amp with a rating of 50W. One can still play tracks from a smartphone, CD DVD. It therefore has a DVD player. It can play MP3, WAV, and WMA files.

Then the device is compatible with both Apple and Android gadgets. It works perfectly with Siri. One will still access both Pandora and Spotify apps.

What We Liked
  • The device is easy to install than a single din

  • It comes at reasonable prices

  • The car stereo is backlight enabled

  • The user can customize colors and the overall display

  • It is compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Android auto platforms

  • It allows hands-free calling

What We Didn't Like
  • The rear camera lacks customizable lines

6. JVC Double DIN – Best Double Din Head Unit for Sound Quality

JVC Double Bin happens to be an aftermarket stereo. It has satellite radio functionality. Its role is in the replacement of an upgraded stereo system that has an output of 50 watts x 4 channels.

The unit has standard features that make the din head functional. The device can play both AM and FM stations as well as CD DVD. The DVD player will serve you as you operate your steering wheel.

The unit does not play HD radio stations. However, it is Sirius satellite radio compatible.

Besides, the din head unit has rear AV, camera inputs, and USB. The camera unit has a plug and plays feature.

With the x 4 channels, the JVC Din unit has outstanding features to improve the sound system in the car. It also has a 13-band equalizer featuring a digital time alignment.

Interestingly, the unit uses K2 technology to enhance the sound system. Precisely, it uses EQ technology to boost particular frequencies.

If you are a music junky, there is no doubt you will appreciate the audio quality. One can still play high-resolution audio files and FLAC on the unit.

The resistive 6.8 touchscreen is large enough to display the output. It also has a customizable user interface, together with the colors.

The unit has a streaming DJ mode. The mode enables more than four passengers to connect to it through Bluetooth. It works excellently on road trips.

The product uses Bluetooth technology for audio streaming and making calls. It promotes a hands-free calling.

You only have to plug in your cell phone, and pairing takes up immediately. The devices have several drivers to enable one switch between devices easily.

Even better, this JVC double din has a built-in GPS capability. It is noteworthy that the device lacks built-in maps. Alternatively, it will rely on the phone’s app.

What We Liked
  • The JVC double din comes with affordable pricing

  • It is compatible with both satellite radio tuner and Sirius XM

  • It has a Bluetooth capability to promote hands-free

  • It uses K2 technology to improve audio streaming

  • It has a large touchscreen  to operate various functions like HD radio

What We Didn't Like
  • It lacks Apple CarPlay and Android

  • It lacks built-in navigation

7. Pioneer AVH-1400NEX – Best Double Din Head Unit for the Money

Pioneer AVH-1300NEX is a responsive unit that makes it high tech. It has a 6.2-inch touch screen, which is large enough to display the output of 50 watts x 4 channels.

The built-in Bluetooth makes it stand out. You can pair it with your phone and make and receive calls hands-free. Such features give it an edge over a single din.

The user will enjoy audible audio due to the presence of built-in EQ features. It has a 13 band graphic equalizer with a time alignment function that boost the x 4 channels.

One can still use the installed low or high pass crossover. It has adjustable slopes and points.

The unit supports the MC20 microphone and a CD. Unfortunately, you will separately buy them if you want to use them.

Uniquely, the unit uses the latest technology to provide audio streaming and playback. It can play FLAC files. Furthermore, it features a dedicated Siri button. It will work well with iPhones.

The stereo has CarPlay and Android auto that will make it more functional. One can use it to tune to the radio and connect to CDs and DVDs while listening to audio music.

Meanwhile, it is Sirius compatible hence connects to the satellite radio. It may not be compatible with many devices. It works better on Apple devices than Android ones.

What We Liked
  • By using Car Play, it improves the overall looks of your car

  • You can connect several phones simultaneously unlike in single din

  • It will resume audio music wherever you stopped it

  • You will have an immense control on the audio output

  • It is an excellent option for Apple lovers

What We Didn't Like
  • It is not fully Android compatible

  • It has a smaller touchscreen display as compared to other options

  • Since the mic is large, it sticks out

8. Sony XAVAX5500 – Best Double Din Head Unit with Navigation

You can acquire this best aftermarket receiver and use it for entertainment purposes. It is a valuable head unit that comes with affordable pricing.

Besides, it has a 6.4-inch touchscreen, which is smaller as compared to other products. The unique part is that it has unbeatable quality.

Sony XAV-AX100 is a simple device with easy to use functions. It has dedicated hardware functions like buttons and ergonomic volume knobs. You will see tracks and quickly skip some playlists.

The stereo unit is compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto . You can connect both Android and iPhone and operate them conveniently.

Interestingly, it also allows a hands-free design as you drive the car. You can talk to Siri or Google assistants and discover a range of functions.

As a driver, you will have the freedom to make and receive calls. Moreover, you can navigate the menu or start and stop any audio music in the car.

The head unit boasts of a responsive touchscreen since it has a high-end quality. At the slightest touch, it cats super-fast to access what you want.

The trick here is to keep the screen clean. The design will enable you to see and make some simple screen commands easily.

Also, there is a rear camera that is customizable. It is a smart tech, while one can employ while parking a vehicle.

What makes this head unit to stand out is the elaborate sound unit. It uses three pre-outs. It uses a Dynamic Stage Organizer (DSO) to enhance the performance of the audio speakers.

In the other scenario, you can use a ten band equalizer to manage your audio experience.

This device will only require a cable connection to handle Android and Apple CarPlay. It will not work with Bluetooth in this case.

What We Liked
  • It has a highly responsive touchscreen display that is superfast

  • The video output is of high-quality

  • The hands-free calling design

  • It is ergonomically superb which is suitable for manual control

  • It is effortless to use the device

What We Didn't Like
  • The screen will visibly diminish in bright sunlight

  • If you fail to clean the screen, it becomes smudgy

9. Alpine iLX-W650 – Best Double Din With Backup Camera

It is a product that has been making waves since its inception in 2017. It is an aftermarket receiver that has unique features.

The receiver implements the wireless protocols to make it more functional. It is a capacitive touchscreen measuring 7 inches. It is accurate and more responsive.

If you are a newbie, you can read the installation procedure online. It has a pre-out harness that comes with a backup camera. Additionally, it has an SCW harness and a microphone.

The microphone will give you voice control. Also within the box is a GPS that lacks dedicated navigation ready. The antenna uses an 8 feet cable to make it more efficient.

The Alpine iLX -107 has a Bluetooth protocol that is having a high degree of consistency. It provides a dependable, secure, and stable connection.

It also features a Wi-Fi connection that supports 5 GHz, which another game-changer. It will provide a consistent and secure connection to the Android or Apple devices.

The stereo has a two USB connection where you can charge your cell phones. It is also compatible through a 50 watts iDatalink to enable you to keep factory entertainment settings.

The driver will utilize steering wheel controls. After that, get diagnostics data on a touchscreen.

You can adjust audio settings with the help of the free Alpine Tune It app.

The device is compatible with both Android and Apple environments. It allows CarPlay connectivity and Android auto. Furthermore, the device comes with fair pricing at discounted rates.

The user interface is easy to manage as you work on it. There is also a 9-band parametric equalizer to improve the audio sound quality.

The device will correctly connect to Local FM and AM stations. You will, therefore, have a privilege to enjoy music as you drive the car.

Rounding things is the presence of Sirius XM. There are a rear camera and auxiliary input options.

What We Liked
  • It has a highly responsive and beautiful touchscreen.

  • It promotes wireless integration alongside CarPlay and Android auto

  • The user will enjoy the excellent sound quality

  • It allows multiple connections like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB

  • It comes with fair prices hence affordable

What We Didn't Like
  • It has a low RMS

10. Jensen CAR1000 Double Din Car Stereo – Best Double Din Touchscreen Head Unit

Jensen is among the latest devices that use cutting edge technology. It has a large screen that will enhance your viewing experience.

Precisely, this screen a 10-inch touchscreen LCD with a high resolution. It will keep your apps and presets within the fingers reach.

The presence of Bluetooth technology makes it stand out. You can use touchscreen icons to make and answer calls. It also includes the microphone to support a hands-free design.

The double din stereo features support both Android and Apple. You can operate the function via voice control.

Such a design will reduce the driver’s distraction.

It contains a dedicated button that you can press to allow communication. You can still interact with the phone’s assistant to communicate. The Bluetooth will allow radio connection and entertainment.

Interestingly, you can install the rear camera. It will enable the driver to take note of the surroundings.

One can use external devices to play and listen to music. A perfect example of such media playback is a micro SD card and USB.

These double din head units support various file formats due to its versatile design. You can always use them to achieve your purpose.

They are MP3, FLAC, and MP4 and DVD player.

One can still adjust the sound to make it have an impressive output. It uses an 8-band equalizer to improve the sound settings to the right level.

The product uses 8 EQ presets.

You can use the tuner to access various FM and Am stations. It has 30 station presets. Specifically, it has 18FM stations and 12 AM stations.

There is a wireless remote control within the system. It will help the user in managing the controls without touching the screen.

Overall, the device will work correctly at 200 watts.

What We Liked
  • The Bluetooth technology will promote hands-free calls

  • The 10-inch screen is large enough to allow a comfortable viewing experience

  • The presence of a back camera is ideal for taking note of the rear happenings

  • The double din head units are compatible with both Android and Apple software

  • You can access 30 local stations, both FM and AM

What We Didn't Like
  • The prices of the head units are slightly high

Buying Guide for Best Double Din Head Unit

You need to get the right product that will enhance your driving experience. The technology allows different head units to fit various needs.

Some clients are Apple enthusiasts who will never appreciate Android. The same case may apply to Android lovers.

However, a proper double din head units should allow the integration of smartphones. In other words, it should be compatible with many devices.

But that is not all. There is still more. You need to put some other elements into consideration. We are proud to be carriers of that vital information for you.

As you exhaust those elements, your selection becomes a piece of cake.

1. Display

A bigger display will always provide a pleasant viewing experience. The issue will only be correct if you combine it with other factors.

The displays ought to be precise since they have motorized features. You should avoid a dull display since it will affect the overall functionality.

The display should have a good layout and not spreading the controls haphazardly. Furthermore, it should allow you to read the displayed information well in the car.

Also, it should have large buttons to press without looking easily. It works perfectly for those users with large hands.

If you can easily access various controls, you will never lose focus on the road.

2. Navigation

The navigation should improve your driving experience that is safer and easier. It gives you an option to glance on a large screen than on your phone.

The quality navigation should give you access to the latest maps. It should not distract you from the road focus as you drive.

The navigation should give you details as you reverse thanks to the rear camera. It helps you to see the objects that are behind you.

As you invest in rear camera view technology, it must be high-tech. It should switch as you begin to listen to music or reverse.

3. Set-Up

You can avoid hiring a professional to perform some basic settings for you. One of the remedies is to purchase a plug and play device.

The design will allow you to operate it instantly without requiring a lot of protocol. You will not perform any software download and other settings.

You should know the cost of installing the entire system physically. In our case, you will be replacing the old gadget with the new device.

You can make suitable investments in the radio removal keys. It will reduce or prevent damages to the car. It will also not destroy the head units that you will be taking out.

4. Connectivity and Compatibility

The head unit should connect perfects with other devices like mobile phones. For instance, it should be compatible with the operating system that is place.

Suppose you are linking it to larger sound systems, it should be perfect. For instance, it should happen without involving several converters.

Your car has several speakers in strategic places, right? The good news is that one can manage them straight from the head units.

The ideal head units should accommodate future technologies. You can upgrade the system to enable you to access new features.

5. Peak and RMS Power

You should install the head units, which have more exceptional power output. The design will assist in the improvement of sonic abilities.

Some car owners prefer punch music. If that is your taste, then you require a head unit with excellent power output.

You can start by checking the peak and RMS ratings on the package.

An excellent choice should involve getting a high powered unit. Furthermore, it should have an in-built amp and RCA line inputs.

With such arrangements in place, the head unit will serve you well. One will enjoy a cleaner and louder sound.

6. Preamp Outputs

The head unit should feature various numbers of preamp inputs. Here, we are refereeing to that signal before undergoing amplification.

However, the number of signals will dictate the number of amplifiers. You may not need an inversion adapter to add crossovers or equalizers.

A right din head unit should have multiple outputs that are flexible. It should allow one to perform future expansions smoothly.

7. Performance

You can use the din head to determine the track that you will be playing. Also, it will determine the sound level of the product.

You should check the rating of the din unit in terms of peak and RMS wattage. You should consider RMS rating as you will not be playing on high volumes always.

A good selection should be around 20 RMS.

A good rating will rightly push music via the speakers. If you purchase a low-quality din head unit, you will encounter sound problems.

Still, the right product should serve you for a longer duration. The longevity aspect allows you to appreciate the value of your money.

8. Easy to Use

You should strive to know the usability of your product. It should have a user interface that is easy to manage.

The car stereo should allow the user to access most of the functions right away from the touch screen. You should not again look for some functions on the phone.

The din head unit should be user-friendly. Furthermore, it should not feature many destructions. For instance, the user should not struggle to read the contents on the screen.

In Conclusion

The process of finding the perfect car stereo is challenging. Never give up until you find a suitable product. It should match your needs accordingly.

Having discussed ten different products, we have our preference. Our number one recommendation is the Alpine iLX-207.

The product has a big touchscreen for more comfortable viewing. Furthermore, one can use a remote control to manage various functions. They include managing of the steering wheel.

Moreover, it uses a CarPlay function to run its operations. There is also a backup camera to allow the driver to control rear details.

You can use sensitive microphones to enhance the hands-free design. To round up, it is a perfect product that is worth your cent.

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