Are Monitor or Studio Headphones Good for Listening to Music?

Anyone that appreciates quality will agree that it is important to own a good pair of headphones. Music is a pleasure to most, which is why the best to maximize the experience is with monitor or studio headphones. There are a lot of choices for the consumer. However, with minimum guidance, you could find yourself listening to your favorite track on local gear. 

There are a lot of technicalities to listening to music. There are many instruments playing in the background that are mostly ignored due to cheap headphones. However, once the user plays the track on quality speakers or headphones, they realize additional elements are part of the song. 

Listening to music through hands free or cheap speakers almost feels as if something is wrong. The track feels out of sync, and no matter how much you try, it becomes impossible to match a rhythm. That is when people start asking the question. ‘Are monitor or studio headphones good for listening to music?’.

The major difference between Studio and regular headphones.

Headphones are used by many to listen to music most of the time. Whether you are traveling, waiting, enjoying a view, or over-thinking, headphones will always be a part of your life. Music helps people concentrate and cope. However, there is a right way to listen to music. Once you listen to a music track on studio headphones, you will understand the difference in quality and sound.

Most people are not aware that there are different types of headphones available. The first step is to develop a deep connection with music. The next is to find the answer to the question, ‘What Are Monitor Headphones and Who Are They For?’. The three biggest differences between studio and regular headphones are:

  1. Studio headphones accurately reproduce audio, whereas regular headphones include distortion, which leads to modification in audio. 
  2. Studio headphones have a larger frequency range allowing you to hear everything as it is
  3. Studio headphones have better quality hardware which just feels better.

Why Are Monitor or Studio Headphones Good for Listening to Music?

There is absolutely no doubt that monitor or studio headphones are the best choice when listening to music. They are just built better and are designed to provide the best sound quality. As you read on, you will find many reasons as to which answer Are Studio Headphones Good for Listening to Music?

Long-lasting for continuous use

When you use something as much as a pair of headphones, there is bound to be some damage. However, that is not the case for studio or monitor headphones. Despite being the best choice for listening to music, these headphones were originally designed to be used in production and analyzing music. This means that they’re purposely designed for wear and tear. Sweating profusely or dropping them is definitely not going to do any damage. 

They may seem a little expensive to buy in comparison to regular headphones, but they provide value for money. By being robust and well designed, they last longer and are a great investment. 

No additional bass level

The major problem associated with regular headphones is that it adds bass to every audio. With the increase in beat music, people prefer listening to higher pitches. This is why regular headphones often come with an automatic regulator that increases bass level. Most users don’t have a problem with it as they enjoy listening to music with more bass. However, those that want to listen to the original soundtrack would prefer studio headsets. 

Each person has a preference, and as long as they like what they hear, there is no problem. However, once you listen to the originality through monitor headphones, the experience is unexplainable. It sounds like a jigsaw puzzle fitting together perfectly. 

Comfort comes first

Designed to be used in the production of music, comfort has been a major feature of studio or monitor headphones. The people that work in studios listening to the same loop for hours can feel irritated if the headphones are not comfortable. 

The producer should completely be immersed in the work, and that is not possible if they are uncomfortable. The inspiration behind the design of studio headphones is to make the user forget they are wearing headphones. That is when they can completely focus on creating music. This does not mean that you can blindly pick any headphones. You will still need to find the studio or monitor headphones that provide the comfort you are looking for.

Flat and wide frequency response

Frequency is perhaps the most important difference between monitor or studio headphones and regular headphones. To understand what flat and wide frequency mean, it is important to understand how the human ear works. The human ear can hear as high as 20,000 Hz and as low as 20 Hz. These can also be respectively referred to as Treble and Bass. 

Regular headphones have a limited frequency response which does not allow originality. The sound is almost altered as certain frequencies can not be played. This can mean that when you are listening to your soundtrack, certain instruments or vocals do not sound as they should.

What is a wide frequency? 

The ability to recreate sounds while using the complete spectrum is known as wide frequency and is often referred to as wide frequency response. 

What is a flat frequency?

The ability to recreate various frequencies by changing the sound but maintaining the volume can be referred to as a flat frequency response. 

With stereo and monitor headphones, you can ensure that you hear the original soundtrack. As no sound is lost due to limited frequency response, you expect the best quality when it comes to listening to music. 

What are Monitor Headphones, and who are they for?

Audio engineers use monitor headphones when they are mixing, producing or, analyzing music. As they offer a wide range of frequencies, they are the best when looking for quality. Monitor headphones are not only good for creating music, but they are brilliant for listening as well. 

 With such technology, the headphones project the exact audio to the engineers. This allows for better sound as each node can be analyzed, and anything that does not belong in the track can be removed. In most cases, a little distortion is recorded through microphones. With the help of studio headphones, even the smallest distortion can be removed digitally. 
At the same time, Monitor Headphones are extremely safe to use. Along with comfort, durability and, value for money, they produce radiation that is almost non existent. You can read more about headphones and the radiation they emit in the article, Do Wired Headphones Emit Radiation?

What are Studio Headphones?

Studio Headphones remove the variance between a V-shaped and neutral equilibrium. These are perfect when you are looking to playback sound recorded almost immediately. They resonate exactly with what is being recorded, allowing no distortion. Different effects, reverbs or modifications can easily be heard with the help of studio headphones. 

The highlighted feature of studio headphones is that they have a flat frequency design. This means that once you put those headphones on, you can block out everything happening around you. By just concentrating on the sound, you can focus better and produce better quality. As a regular listener, this also means that you can listen to your soundtrack without any noise from your surroundings. 

If you are looking for exact product details on which headphones to purchase you can refer to TOP 13 Headphones for Mixing & Mastering & Music Production.

Do professionals prefer open back or closed back headphones for monitoring music?

The answer to the question ‘Are Monitor Headphones Good for Listening to Music?’ depends on the kind of headphones you have. Headphones can be differentiated into open-back and closed-back headphones. 

Closed-back headphones are created to provide you with complete isolation. This will cancel out any outside noise from disturbing your listening experience. Open back, on the other hand, allows air to flow through. They are designed in a way which enables audio leakage. This enables you to stay aware and open to your surroundings. 

Closed-back headphones are preferred when being used by professionals as it provides more focus. They are also perfect for music listeners that are looking to immerse themselves in the music experience without paying heed to their surroundings. 

If you are a gamer and thinking about which headphones to purchase you can also read, open back vs closed back headphones for gaming, to make an informed decision.

Advantages of using a monitor or studio headphones

  1. Better Portability

Stereo or monitor headphones are extremely easy to carry. You never have to compromise on quality, and you can get all the perks of a studio into something that you can easily carry. Not only are they user-friendly, but they are also fit for every setting.  

  1. Zero disturbance to your surroundings

With these headphones, you can enjoy the experience without disturbing others. The alternative to getting such great quality sound would be to use good speakers. That will create disturbance to your colleagues or your neighbors. 

  1. Extremely affordable 

With the increase in technology, many young self-taught engineers are looking to make their way into the industry. Monitor or studio headphones are the perfect way to attain quality. You can create studio-level edits and productions with the help of these headphones. 

As they are durable, they can also be great value for money. They last longer, which would mean that a good pair can last you a couple of years with ease. 

  1. Headphones provide privacy

Headphones are a great way for you to be private about your preferences. You can hear what you like, create remixes with quality or even watch movies. All of this can be done by having complete privacy and high-quality audio. 

  1. Enhanced listening journey

With monitor or stereo headphones, you can focus on the minor details that others would ignore. A faint instrument playing or a vocal note that you would otherwise miss could enhance the listening experience for you. Close your eyes, and you just might feel merging with each note as it plays. 

Frequently Asked Questions

As you read on, you will find frequently asked questions by music lovers that are considering purchasing monitor or studio headphones. 

Question 1: Are Monitor headphones more expensive than general headphones? 

Most studio or monitor headphones are more expensive than regular headphones. However, this does not mean that they have to be costly. A decent pair of monitor headphones can cost as less as a few hundred bucks. The price range depends entirely on the model you select and your usage. If you are working professionally, chances are that you have a preference which most likely means that you will have to spend extra. 

Question 2: What Are Monitor Headphones, and Who Are They For?

Monitor headphones are often used for recording or production purposes. They are able to resonate a complete spectrum of the range, which allows better quality. Mostly they are used in studios by singers, audio engineers and producers. However, they are also popular amongst music lovers that are avid listeners. There is no limitation on who they are for but vary according to the preferences of the user. 

Question 3: Are Monitor and Studio Headphones durable?

Monitor and studio headphones are designed for long-term use in studio conditions. It is essential that they are able to handle daily use for long time spans. They are extremely durable and are perfect for everyday use. With the design they have, you can use them almost anywhere without worrying that they will break. However, consumer discretion is required when deciding which model to purchase. Not all models will offer the same durability. However, if you are looking for headphones to use while driving you should definitely refer to the article Can Drivers Wear Headphones?

Conclusion: Are Monitor Headphones Good for Listening to Music?

Talking with respect to the range offered and the quality, monitor headphones are definitely the better choice. They offer a lot more than what meets the eye. With these headphones, it’s almost as if you are in the middle of a mini studio. They are definitely the choice of every music producer and studio operator. Despite this, the decision on whether they are good for listening to music varies from person to person. 

Every music lover is different, and depending on what genre they love to listen to, they may have different preferences. Deciding whether they are the right choice for you depends entirely on your use and what you like to listen to. However, it can never hurt to experience a whole new way of listening to music. You have all the information that can help you decide and answer the question yourself, Are Studio Headphones Good for Listening to Music?

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