What is CVC and ANC? Explanation and Differences [Comprehensive Guide]

Noise cancelling technology is an extremely popular feature in headphones as it provides an isolated listening experience. CVC and ANC may seem like technical terms first, but they are simply the type of noise cancellation available in the market. Through ANC and CVC, the real headphone fanatics out there can choose the kind of headphones that suits them best.

If you are crazy about headphones and all that they have to offer, then you will know all about CVC and ANC, but in the case that you don’t, this article will help you out. Hopefully, once you know the technology behind noise cancellation, you can find the 12 Best Noise Cancelling Headphones for daily use.

What is CVC noise cancellation meaning?

Clear Voice Capture, commonly referred to as CVC, is a technique that is used to assist with phone calls. Whenever you use headphones or earbuds to communicate, the person at the other end would complain of hearing a muffled voice. In order to reduce background noise during calls and to make the user’s voice more prominent, it is necessary that you use headphones with CVC noise cancelling. 

The use of CVC technology has been quickly adapted with the increasing use of Zoom, Skype, and Google Meet. As more and more people are looking to work from remote locations, it is necessary that clear voice and sound are available for effective communication. The latest technology for clear voice capture is CVC 8.0 noise cancellation. The 8.0 version has evolved the way many people talk and has led to people being able to communicate clearly while in a noisy background.

CVC noise cancellation meaning

How does the technology work?

If you think that CVC will completely block out loud noises, then you are wrong. The way CVC works is by focusing on your voice so that your voice is louder than the noises in your surroundings. With computer algorithms, the CVC detects the sound waves generated by your voice. This does not mean that all loud noises will be completely nonexistent. Rather they will be reduced in volume. The background noises, such as light chatter or the sound of the wind, will be close to not being there. 

The great thing about CVC 8.0 noise cancellation is that it is extremely intelligent. This means that the more you use your headphones to talk, the better the computer algorithm will work. The headphones will learn your voice patterns and will be much better at isolating your voice. You can see the technology in implementation in many different earbuds. Hands-free calling, voice calls, and teleconferencing for professional use have become incredibly easy CVC noise canceling.

What is ANC Headphone meaning?

ANC Headphone meaning

Active Noise Cancelling or commonly referred to as ANC, is a technological marvel that improves the user’s experience while using headphones. The technology focuses on making the hearing quality better by blocking out external noises. With this, it becomes easy for you to listen to music or attend a call without any audio being disturbed due to your surroundings. 

Active noise cancellation is often paired with passive noise cancellation. While ANC can be found in both earbuds and headphones, it is mostly found being paired with passive cancellation in earbuds. Passive noise cancellation work by providing a tight seal when fitted into the ear. This muffles the outside sound and allows you to focus on the sound being transmitted from your earphones.

How does the technology work?

Before you can understand ANC headphones meaning, you need to understand how sound travels. What may seem like sound to you is actually waves traveling in the air. These waves are much like the ones you see forming on the surface of the sea. The highest peak of the wave is referred to as crests, while the lowest point on the wave is known as the troughs. Regardless of the type of sound, all the sound travels as a wave with troughs and crests. 

The way active noise cancellation works is by producing a crest for every trough. This allows the waves to cancel out before reaching your ear. Hence actively noise cancelling the Noise in your surroundings, allowing you to hear only what is playing on your headphones. 

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The difference between CVC and ANC

ANC and CVC are two components that can be found in any modern headphones working simultaneously to perfect user experience. While the listening experience is perfect with active Noise canceling technology, CVC focuses on improving communication. While CVC concentrates on improving the listening experience for the user at the other end, ANC focuses on the listening experience of the user with the product in hand. 

The technologies follow a similar style of innovation but operate differently in accordance with the end result. While one technology is created for you, the other is created for the person you are talking to. The technologies, their usage, and their purpose are so different that it is like comparing east and west under the same circumstances. It just does not make sense.


With this article, you will understand CVC noise cancellation meaning and ANC, meaning headphones, and how each of the technology works. Many headphones combine technology to provide an enhanced listening and speaking experience to the user. Noise cancellation can be used in many different ways and can help work in noisy situations and circumstances. It’s always better to know how Noise canceling technology works so that you can decide which headphones you should be using. 

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