How To Pair Bluetooth Headphones With An Android Phone?

Are you one of those who haven’t yet become a part of the wireless Bluetooth headphones revolution? Are you feeling like the technological evolution is forcing you to shift to wireless devices? Well, you may feel like that because today everything is becoming wireless. The headphone jacks that used to come in the device have now become a relic of the past. Even the new phones rolling out in the market don’t even have 3.5 mm audio jacks in them. So, if you think that the wireless devices are only suitable for the tech-savvy people, then it’s time to change your thinking. It’s time for you to shift to the new and advanced Bluetooth gear now.

Most of the individuals have already shifted to wireless devices. But, if you are new to it, don’t worry at all. Using a Bluetooth device and learning about its quirks may seem to be a bit confusing at first. But, once you get to know about its tricks, it’ll be effortless to operate. So, today we are here to make the Bluetooth headphone pairing task easy for you. How to pair Bluetooth headphones with an android phone? Today, we’ll answer this question for you.

Preparing The Bluetooth Headphones

Before pairing to the android device, we first have to prepare the Bluetooth headphones to create a proper connection.

Keep The Headphones Charged

Your Bluetooth headphones must be sufficiently charged. It is not necessary that you always have to keep your device at a 100% charge. The main objective is that it has a sufficient amount of power so that the pairing process won’t get interrupted due to low battery.

I have also faced some pairing issues due to the low battery of my headphones. When I paired my android phone with the Bluetooth headsets, then the connection suddenly failed. I thought that there is some issue with my phone or the Bluetooth connection might not be working correctly. But later on, I realized that my headphone actually turned off automatically due to a low battery. So, I suggest you always charge your headphones before use.

Put The Headphones In Pairing Mode

The process of putting the headphones in pairing mode is usually similar in most of the Bluetooth headsets. But, there can be few variations depending on the company of the device and model which you are using.

  • Firstly, when your headphone is in the off state, you have to press and hold the multi-function button for a few seconds. It is usually the button through which you pick the incoming calls.
  • When you do so, a notification light will blink on the headset. It indicates the device is powering on. Keep holding the button, and a few seconds later, the notification light will start blinking in alternate colors. The manufacturers usually use blue and red color lights in the device. The continuous blinking alternate lights indicate that your headphone is in pairing mode.
  • There are some models of headphones that come with sliding “on” and “off” switch. In such a case, you first have to turn the switch “on” to start the device. Then, press and hold the multi-function button to put it in pairing mode.

Keep The Phone and The Headphone Close To Each Other

For establishing a proper connection, you have to keep your headphones close to your phone. It is advised that you should keep the distance between both the devices within 5 feet (1.5 meters). It will ensure a hassle-free establishment of the connection.

Preparing The Phone For Pairing

Keep the Phone Charged

Just like Bluetooth headphones, if the battery of your phone is too low, then it can affect the pairing process. Other than this, the Bluetooth connection can drain a bit more battery than usual. So, it will be useful if you fully charge your phone before you start the pairing process.

Make Sure That The Audio levels Are Good

I remember one of my instances when I faced issues due to the audio level problem. I paired my headphones and mobile phone as usual to enjoy some music. When I turned on the music, my headphones were not delivering any sound at all. I thought that there was some issue with the connection. So, I turned off my headphones and re-connected the devices. But, the same problem came up again; there was no audio sound coming from my headphones. I checked the connection and other things on my phone and headphones. When the issue was not resolved, I thought that there is some functional problem, and I have to get my headphones repaired. But, suddenly, I paid attention to the audio levels, and I finally realized that the audio levels were on mute. Hence, I suggest you turn up the audio levels first before you pair the device. Otherwise, you might end up facing the same issue as me.

Turning On Bluetooth On Your Phone

Different phones with different operating systems have a varying way of turning on the Bluetooth:

  • Android Phones: In case of android phones, keep in mind the following steps to turn on the Bluetooth:
    • You can find the Bluetooth menu in the settings.
    • You just have to tap on the setting app, which looks like a gear or slider bars. The setting icon design may vary depending on your choice of theme.
    • When the settings menu opens up, you can find Bluetooth option in a section called
      • Connected devices,
      • Bluetooth,
      • Wireless and Networks,
      • Or Network Connections.

The name of this section varies with the android phone you are using.

  • Another way to open the Bluetooth menu is directly through the notification toolbar. You just have to pull down the notification menu from the top of the screen. Then out of various icons shown there, touch and hold the Bluetooth icon. When you do so, the Bluetooth settings menu will open up. It is the easiest way to open Bluetooth settings in an android device.
  • Once you get into the Bluetooth settings menu, tap and turn the Bluetooth button “on.”
  • iPhone: If you are using an iPhone, all you have to do is tap on the settings icon. Then, find the Bluetooth menu icon and tap on it. After that, just turn on the Bluetooth.
  • Windows Phone: In the Windows phone, open the settings from the app list and turn the Bluetooth on by accessing the Bluetooth menu.

Pairing The Devices

We have made the headphone and android phone ready for pairing. Now, it’s time to complete the pairing process and for that, follow these steps:

Scan For Bluetooth Headphones Using Your Android Phone

In most of the phones nowadays, once you turn on the Bluetooth, it automatically starts searching for the nearby Bluetooth devices. On completing the search process, it shows the list of Bluetooth devices near you.

  • Several old android smartphones do not start the scanning process automatically. In such older phone models, you have to initiate a manual search. For beginning the search, you have to open the Bluetooth menu. Then, find an option that says “Scan for devices” or anything similar to that. Tap on that option, and the scanning process will start.
  • If you don’t see your Bluetooth headphone’s name in the list of Bluetooth devices, then there are chances that your headset might not be in pairing mode. To correct that, you have to restart your headphone and put it into pairing mode again. For ensuring that you are following the correct way to enable the pairing mode, check the Bluetooth headset’s user manual. Sometimes, there are chances that your headphones may have a unique process for initiating pairing.

Making Selection Of Bluetooth Headphone For Pairing

Once the scanning process is complete, find your Bluetooth headphone’s name in the list of connectable Bluetooth devices. Once you find the name, just tap on that name to start the pairing process.

  • If you don’t see your headphone’s name in the list, then there are chances that:
    • The manufacturer’s name is showing up.
    • Manufacturers even use abbreviated nicknames for the device. These names are sometimes head-scratching to find.
    • Sometimes, the product name is missing, and there is the usage of some exceptionally vague manufacturer’s name.
    • Typically, there is the use of a device name only.
    • For knowing the name, you can check the user manual of your Bluetooth headset. Manufacturers usually mention the name (which will show up in the connectable Bluetooth device list) in the manual.

Entering The PIN Code, If Asked For

When you click on the headphone’s name, the device will start establishing the connection. But sometimes, while creating a connection, the phone asks for a PIN code. Just enter the PIN code and tap on the pair button.

  • In most of the cases, the PIN code is usually “0000”, or “1234”, or “9999”, or “0001”. If non of the codes work, then you can try to put in the last four digits of the headset’s serial number. You can find this serial number underneath the battery.
  • In most cases, you’ll not even need a PIN code. The device will automatically establish the connection.

Connection Established

Once the pairing process completes, your android phone will show the confirmation. The confirmation message varies with the phone model you are using.

Ready for use

After the establishment of the connection between the devices, your Bluetooth headphones are ready for use. Now you can enjoy music, make and receive phone calls, and do anything you want without even touching your phone.

Additional Tips

Re-connecting The Bluetooth Headphones

There is no need to repeat the pairing process again and again if you have completed it once. In most of the cases, the Bluetooth headphones will automatically re-connect to the device; they were recently paired with. As soon as you power on your headsets, the headsets will automatically re-connect. The only condition is your phone’s Bluetooth should be on and available in the range of pairing.

However, there are certain cases where you have to re-pair the devices every time you power the headsets on.  If you are thinking that manually repairing the devices will be tricky, then I assure you that it will not. All you have to do is simply open the Bluetooth menu and click on the Bluetooth headphone’s name. In android phones, the name of the devices you paired recently with gets saved. The paired device list in the Bluetooth settings menu shows the saved name. So, you don’t need to start the scanning process again to find the Bluetooth device. You just have to find the name in the paired devices list and tap on it. The moment you tap on it, the devices will be re-connected.

Unpairing The Bluetooth Headsets

There are several cases where you have to unpair your Bluetooth headphones from your android phone. Maybe you can have issues with the connectivity, and the headphones might not be working correctly due to this. In such a case, the best option you have got is to reboot your Bluetooth headphones. In addition to rebooting the headset, erasing the name of the Bluetooth device from the Bluetooth device list of your phone may also help. After this, start the pairing process again from the start.

Final Words

All in all, we can say that whether you are using any type of Bluetooth headphones, wireless or true wireless, pairing via Bluetooth is an easy task. The whole pairing process just takes 10 to 15 seconds, and you are good to go. Once you pair your Bluetooth headphone with your android device, there is no need to touch or hold your phone in hand.

  • You can make and receive calls hands-free.
  • This will make shopping, commuting, morning walk, and other things very convenient.
  • Multitasking will be much more comfortable using this.

All you have to do is pair your Bluetooth headphones with the android device.

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