Can Wearing Headphones Cause Hair Loss? [Learn Now]

The second anyone hears about hair loss. There is an immediate fear that can be observed on their face. Nobody loves the idea of going bald and to many having a head full of hair is extremely important. People have always associated hairstyle as an important part of their fashion choices. Not only does it highlight their personality, but it also plays a huge role in their self-confidence. Those who are scared of losing hair often refrain from wearing hats or even headbands. Ultimately this has also raised the question, can wearing headphones cause hair loss?  

Headphones have become an important part of life. Whether you love gaming, listening to your favourite music or watching movies, your use of headphones or earbuds can be excessive. This habit has had people worried about hair loss. As you read on, you will find why people suffer hair loss and the truth behind whether using headphones causes hair loss.

headphones causes hair loss

What is hair loss?

Hair loss is extremely common and can be seen as they age. It occurs when hair stops growing, ultimately leading to hair loss. Hair loss does not only mean that you will go bald suddenly. Rather for most, it is a very slow process. Initially, hair starts to thin before the growth stops completely. There are different types of hair loss that you can read about below. 

Types of hair loss

Types of hair loss

Reactive hair loss

Whenever there is a major change in your body, it is possible that the side effect includes hair loss. A decrease in nutrition, stress, change in diet, or major medical conditions can all be a possibility that can trigger hair loss. Any sudden change in your body could result in reactive hair loss.

Genetic hair loss

People often assume that their hair loss is due to a reaction by their body. However, research shows that a major chunk of people that go through hair loss are those that have inherited hair loss. It is a part of their genetics, and there is absolutely nothing that they can do about it. Naturally, they will lose their hair and see their hair thin gradually. The type of hair loss may differ as not all people go completely bald. Some just a part of their head affected.

Despite the hair loss, there are ways that you can slow the hair loss process. This includes natural oils, herbal remedies, masks and even hair transplants with the help of the latest advances in hair restoration.

Reasons for hair loss

Reasons for hair loss

There are many reasons for hair loss. However, headphones hair loss is just not one of them. In order to keep your hair healthy, you should pinpoint the reason that may be causing your hair loss. The sooner you can diagnose the problem, the better chance you have of combating it as soon as possible.

  1. Reactions to medicine

If you are ill and take specific medication, then that can be a reason that is causing your hair loss. Certain drugs in medication can have effects that weaken the hair follicles. Commonly hair loss is reported after the use of weight loss drugs. However, you should definitely consult a doctor before taking any medication or drugs, especially if it has side effects or reactions to your body.

  1. Stress

Stress is a major factor in hair loss, and you would often see people with intense jobs lose hair more quickly than others. When under stress, the immune system is weakened, which may result in weak follicles. The lack of strong roots for your hair may mean that you start to notice hair loss. 

  1. Genes

Science completely supports that hair loss can be hereditary. However, not many people know that the chromosome responsible for hereditary hair loss is from a child’s mom. Even if your dad or grandad is bald does not mean that you will lose your hair due to your genes. 

  1. Hormones

Hormones are responsible for healthy growth. An imbalance may mean that your health, hair and beauty deteriorate. There can be many side effects due to lack or gain of specific hormones and can cause hair loss.  

  1. Deficiency in nutrients

Nutrition and a healthy diet are important for the steady growth of your hair. However, if you are on specific diet plans or have nutrition deficiency, you may find a weakening in your hair. This can lead to partial or even complete hair loss.

Do headphones cause hair loss?

headphones cause hair loss

No matter how many people tell you that wearing headphones for long periods of time can cause headphones, you should never believe them. Hair fall is not connected with anything you wear on your head. Wearing headphones for any amount of time does not affect your hair fall at all. There is absolutely no reality to the statement. Most people have created this to be a myth. Unfortunately, this statement has been repeated so often that it has started to become something that most people believe in. 

The use of headphones of any kind does not have any effect on your hair. That is right, regardless of the size or shape of a headphone, there is no way that headphones are the reason for the body to lose hair. There are many reasons for hair loss, as you have read above, but this certainly is not one.

Why do people that use headphones report hair loss?

People that use headphones often face hair loss problems. Despite the fact that this is the case with many users, it is not a fact. People often confuse their excessive use of headphones with hair loss due to the tightness of the audio device. Rather than searching about their concerns online or asking experts, they follow the opinions of others who assume the cause of a problem. 

Headphone hair loss does not exist and is never the diagnosed reason for you losing your hair. You cannot go bald simply by wearing headphones and a couple of hair each day. There are always both examples of consumers online, and if you follow forums, you will understand that there are people who do not have such complaints. People are using headphones for up to 12 hours daily and yet have healthy hair. 

The next time somebody asks you, do headphones cause hair loss? You can clearly say that NO they do not.

Does wearing headphones cause hair fall?

Wearing headphones does not result in hair loss for its user. However, it can be a cause of hair fall. The use of headphones that are tight on your head can cause follicles to get weak. Your hair might get caught in the straps or even pull hair back, due to which you might break or damage the hair. However, that cannot trigger a chain reaction which would ultimately mean hair loss for you. 

Users on forums are often worried and ask queries like, can wearing headphones cause hair loss, or can headphones really dent your head? (You can click the link to read more about this topic.) 

There is absolutely no scientific data that backs any claims at all. You can continue using your headphones for as long as you want. However, it might be best if you use headphones that are comfortable and not too tight for you.

Ways to protect hair while using headphones

Ways to protect hair

There are multiple ways that you can use to reduce hair fall or hair loss. These methods include the use of oils, serums and taking special care of your hair. Below are a few ways in which you can take special care of your hair and reduce the risk of hair fall or hair loss. 

  • Use extra cushioning

Reducing the pressure on your head and on your hair is a crucial way that can help with reducing the risk of hair fall. You can use cushioning pads to feel more comfortable and give your hair breathing space while using headphones for long periods. 

  • Clean your headphones

This is important, especially if you do not have a specific place where you keep your headphones. Bacteria and dust can be a reason that affects your scalp. This can weaken your hair follicles which is why keeping headphones clean is extremely important. 

  • Tie your hair

If you have long hair, it might be best to tighten them rather than keep them free. You can tie them up in a ponytail or use other ways that will allow you to keep your hair out of your headphone strap. This way, the headphones will not pull on your hair at all. 


After this article, you can say for certain that headphones do not cause hair loss. Yes, in some rare cases, due to the way a consumer uses the headphones, hair can be damaged. You now know all there is to know about hair loss and how you can keep your hair safe. Continue using your headphones in any way you wish. However, make sure that you keep yourself and regulate your use as it can expose you to infection. More information on ear infections can be read on Can Headphones Cause Ear Infections?

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