Are Noise Cancelling Headphones Good For Studying?

Perhaps the biggest challenge for students is to focus while studying. It is extremely tough to find a place where you can just focus. Up until now, blocking out the entire world was too tough to do. But noise cancelling headphones is the perfect assistance for focusing on studying or completing any task without being distracted. Most students have the habit of listening to music or an audiobook to drown out their surroundings. However, the same cannot be done when you are trying to memorize something for a test. In these moments, silence is your true best friend, and with the newly found peace, you will say YES! to the question, are noise cancelling headphones good for studying?

What is noise cancelling technology?

Noise Reduction

Noise cancelling is a technology that is used to provide a noiseless experience to the user. Most popularly used in headphones, this technology was invented by Dr Amar Bose. The technology featured a way to provide a noiseless environment to anyone on the go. This proved to be a game changer as people could finally listen to their favorite music without being disturbed by the noise around them. It was not long before other companies started to introduce headphones with similar technology. It was around this time that people started to ask the question, “are noise cancelling headphones worth it?”

Noise cancelling headphones are of two types and use varying technology that allows the user to feel that they are in an isolated environment. The types of noise cancellation are as follows:

  1. Passive Noise Cancelling

This method uses materials to stop any sound from reaching your ears. With the sound absorbing technique, the sound from your surroundings gets eliminated, and you are left listening to what is playing on your headphones. 

  1. Active Noise Cancelling

Active noise cancelling is much more advanced and uses alternate sounds to eliminate any noises from reaching you. This involves the headphones analyzing the sound from the environment and creating a noise that counterbalances the surroundings. 

The best headphones in the market use a combination of both active and passive noise cancellation. This allows for a pair of headphones to cancel the sounds from the surroundings while providing the best possible experience to the user. Once you have experienced relaxation and peace due to these headphones, you will never ask yourself is noise cancelling worth it?. 

Are noise cancelling headphones good for studying?

headphones good for studying?

Let us be very clear; noise cancellation does not guarantee that you will start getting the grades you have always dreamt of. However, it will create an atmosphere where you can focus much more easily. The biggest problem that students face is that they are unable to concentrate. Living in dorms, taking classes with hundreds of other students and studying at a happening campus is not easy. Finding a spot where you can just be alone is not easy. Not only do you get frustrated, but you are easily distracted. All of this can easily be solved as noise cancelling headphones can allow you to create your own little bubble of concentration. 

A lot of students think that you really need noise cancelling headphones, and according to us, you do. Studying in the 21st century is not what it used to be in the past. There is a lot more hassle, a lot more commute and you are left with absolutely no time for yourself. With headphones, you can listen to your favourite songs, be completely focused on a single goal, and find privacy for yourself. 

What you need to decide for yourself is that is noise cancelling worth it if it means that you can find time for yourself even when you are surrounded by a crowd.

Is there any danger to using Noise Cancelling Headphones?

Noise Cancelling

In the shortest, simplest way possible, Noise Cancelling Headphones are not dangerous to use at all. In fact, they are much safer to use than when you use a mobile phone. Noise Cancelling Headphones do not emit radiation and are completely safe to use as they do not damage sensitive ear parts. You can continue reading to find out how much Noise do Noise cancelling headphones cancel

Some people find using active noise cancelling features in headphones irritating. Once this feature is activated, there is a hissing sound that is the byproduct of your headphone cancelling out sounds from the surroundings. This is normally heard by the users when they are not playing on the headphones and are using them for complete isolation. Despite being able to remove all surrounding sounds from reaching your ear, they do not create a completely soundless atmosphere. The hissing, for many, is a make-or-break situation. 

If the hissing irritates you as well, rather than asking yourself, do you really need noise cancelling headphones? You should be asking what kind of noise cancelling headphones you should be using. Passive cancellation can be perfect for you in this regard as it has no additional sound. The soft materials seal your ear from any outside noise allowing you to focus on what you are doing. 
If you are a music lover and use the headphones when you are listening to your playlist, then you will have no problem while using them. But if you prefer to just leave headphones on to block out the world, then you should be looking towards passive noise cancellation. There are many additional features to headphones that enable you to take meetings and ignore the rest of the world while being completely focused. If you are the kind that is careful about your ears and uses headphones a lot, then you should be reading the article, Is Bass Bad for Your Ears? The Expert Opinion

Benefits of using noise cancelling headphones.

There are many benefits that have made noise-cancelling headphones extremely popular with students all over the world. As you read on, you will find a few of the benefits that make studying extremely easy for students.

Benefits for health

Benefits for health

Most people believe that headphones are dangerous to the health of the user. However, that could not be further from the truth. Being continuously in a noisy environment is extremely tough on the ears. Loud noises such as the ones at a construction site or a traffic signal can damage hearing. Many workers have reported pain and, in rare cases, bleeding due to continuously listening to loud noises. The different pitches and frequencies are really fatal to hearing. 

With the noise cancelling headphones, you will be able to stop all these unpleasant sounds. You can block everything and concentrate on your task. With such assistance, you can easily study for your test even in an environment where it is tough to concentrate due to noise pollution.

Increase in productivity

Having a pair of headphones that have the noise cancelling feature does not mean that you will be able to secure grades automatically. However, it does mean that if you are the kind of person that wants to study but are unable to focus, now you will be able to. These headphones are perfect for studying in a crowded space such as a canteen. You can even study during a game or a party. As long as you are motivated, it can be extremely easy for you to focus. 

With the noise cancelling feature, it becomes apparent how you can find the time to study. The commute is one such example where you can increase your productivity. Waiting to reach your destination on a bus often leaves you wasting your time. The electronics are so great that they can drown out the chatter in your local bus, which will ensure that you never have to ask, how much Noise do Noise cancelling headphones cancel.


Noise cancelling headphones clearly have a lot more advantages than disadvantages when used. They are perfect for students that are looking to focus on their studies that cannot find a place to be alone. There is not a library available everywhere, which is why it is necessary that you can create an environment which can allow you to concentrate. Once you have used the many headphones and have firsthand experience of the benefits associated with them, you can finally understand why are noise cancelling headphones good for studying.

By reaching this far ahead in the article, it is for certain that you are looking to buy a headphone of your own. You can click and see the best noise-cancelling headphones here. With these products, you will find value for money and noise cancelling features. Focus is just a pair of headphones away.

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