How To Pair Bluetooth Headphones To PS4? [Step By Step]

The PS4 was designed to allow gamers to plug their headphones into the dual shock controller for a better gaming experience. But we can all agree that wires have always been a hassle. Gaming allows you to dive into a new world, a world where you can be whomever you wish to be. But you can never really be free if you are attached to a wire. Even with native Bluetooth support, we are here to help you connect Bluetooth headphones to PS4

PS4 is now an older version of the gaming console as Sony has already introduced PS5. If you have already upgraded to the next generation of consoles and are looking to use your Bluetooth headphones, you should be giving ‘How to connect Bluetooth Headphones to PS5?’ a read.

How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To PS5

Why is Bluetooth better than using wired headphones?

Bluetooth has always been preferred over wired headphones. Especially with the newer headphones that provide much better playback time, people just love everything about them.


Perhaps the biggest advantage of when you pair Bluetooth headphones ps4 is that they do not restrict movement. A gamer is flexible to move around the room while gaming and does not have to take their headphones on and off again and again. With Bluetooth headphones, you truly are free. Most gamers know the difference Bluetooth headphones can make in their gaming but still use wired headphones as they do not know how to connect Bluetooth headphones to PS4.

Microphone not visible

There are two important features of gaming headphone that is crucial to the complete experience of playing a game. The first is a dynamic sound that allows the entire world to block out behind you, and the second is the microphone. Wired headphones have a long mic that is not just not appealing. The mic comes in the way and does not look good. 

Use Bluetooth headphones with ps4 because they have built-in microphones that are not visible. The gaming headphones are built with multiple mics that allow clear audio and in-game conversations with other gamers. Not only does it look aesthetically more pleasing, but it also provides a better voice quality.

How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To PS4?

How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To PS4

Once you know how to sync Bluetooth headphones to ps4, you will be able to get the complete gaming experience. Continue reading to find the best way to connect Bluetooth headphones to ps4

  1. Make sure your headphones are on and in pairing mode
  2. Go to settings on the main menu
  3. Select devices
  4. Select Bluetooth devices
  5. Look for your headphones in the unconnected devices list
  6. While connecting, the light indicator will be blue (will be seen on the left-hand side of the device name)
  7. Use the user manual of your headphones if a passkey is required for connection
  8. Connect Bluetooth Headset ps4 successfully will be indicated with a green light

Check to see if it works

Once you have successfully paired your headset, you must check to see if Bluetooth headphones ps4 connect is successful or not. Many times, the PlayStation settings show a device to be connected, but no sound can be heard. As soon as the connection is secure between the headphones and your ps4, you must perform a sound check. This will allow you to confirm that your Bluetooth headphones ps4 connect has been established successfully. The steps below will allow you to set up your Bluetooth headphones with the settings that you prefer. 

  1. The first step is to launch any game of your choice and assess the sound and its quality. Ideally, the sound heard through the headphones should be better than what you were playing with while using your TV speakers.
  2. Go to the audio devices option in your ps4 settings menu. Look for Adjust microphone level and Volume control. 
  3. You can now change the volume and microphone level according to your in-game requirements once you pair Bluetooth headphones ps4 successfully.

Enhance your gaming Experience with Bluetooth Headphones

If you have been using wired headphones with your ps4, get ready to have an entirely new experience. With the option to move around and be flexible with your location, you can play while being much more comfortable. You can sit close to the display screen or far away. The choice is yours.

Enhance your gaming Experience with Bluetooth Headphones

Sound and in-game experience

Bluetooth headphones directly affect the in-game experience of a player by providing dynamic sound. The gamer can feel much more connected to the game with high-definition sound. At the same time, a better-quality sound and headphones mean that you can concentrate on your screen without being disturbed by the noise in your surroundings. The more concentrated you are on the game, the better you will be able to play and enjoy it. 

These Bluetooth headphones can also work on an iMac if that is what you use to play games or even watch your favorite show. Learn How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Laptop here.

VR play

Virtual Reality has been a great addition to PS4. The use of motion and virtual Reality truly changed the way we game. The move motion controllers were a great addition to the gaming library for ps4. However, the technology meant that the use of wired headphones was obsolete. When you connect Bluetooth headset ps4, it allows you to be much more flexible in your position, which means that you can play VR games the way they were designed to be played. No wires and complete mobility for every player.

VR play


The PlayStation 4 offers an unreal gaming experience. There are many online and offline games that people can choose from. The console is a great time pass for adults and children alike. With the introduction of online games like Fortnite, many people have started to immerse themselves in gaming for multiple hours. The gaming industry continues to grow, which is why it only makes sense that you should have the best when you are gaming. You can use Bluetooth headphones with PS4 to enhance your gaming experience and move around as much as you like. Keep gaming and make sure that you always have the best accessories to truly lose yourself in the gaming experience. 

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