11 Genius Hacks to Make Your Headphones Last Longer


Does your headphone fall apart after every month or two? Are you frustrated with it? Getting yourself new expensive ones is not the solution every time. No matter how expensive and good-quality headphones you buy, they will eventually break down if you don’t take care of them and use them harshly.

broken headphones

It’s a fact that if you take care of your headphones, they will surely last longer. You can make even the cheapest headphones in the market to last years. Some standard cleaning supplies and good care can do wonders to your headphones.

For all the people wondering, How to you make your headphones last longer? We have listed down some hacks that can be used to extend the lifespan of your headphones.

1. Clean them

Your ears’ interior and the area of headphones inside your ear both contain dirt and debris that might get into the holes of your headphones created for your speaker and worsen the sound. Be meticulous in cleaning them off to prevent dust from gathering and damaging the headphones.

Clean them

It is preferred that you wipe your headphones after every use. This might sound very exhausting, but this is how to keep earphones in good condition. As your headphones are exposed to dust, moisture and sweat, it is better to wipe them after every use. You can use cotton swabs to clean out the crevices every once in a while.

2. Take care of the cable 

Headphone cables are typically not given much consideration. Taking care of the cable is among the essential things of your headphone care hacks. It is one of the most sensitive and significant parts.

Take care of the cable

The first thing that you have to do is stop carrying them in closed spaces like small pockets. This might be accessible for you, but it damages your cable the most. The cord is compressed, and its internal wires are under pressure in the little area. Secondly, any extra bending can quickly cause your headphone wires to fall apart. The wire can break at the point where it bends 90 degrees. It can damage if the wire is hanging from the table and your chair or table press it against the edge of the table. Lastly, it is vital for your headphones care to keep your wires untangled.

3. Keep them properly 

How to properly store headphones is one of the most asked questions after how to fix wireless earbuds not charging. Let’s now learn how to keep your headphones properly and why it is essential. Your headphones are not meant to be stored in bags, pockets or backpacks. Such spaces crush and bend them, which ultimately results in damaging them. There should be proper, dedicated storage to keep them in good shape. 

How to properly store headphones? The answer is simple, get a headphone case for them. Headphone cases come in various sizes, so you can’t just pick one up from the shelf. If the case is too big for your headphones, they will shake. Whereas, if it is small, headphones, wires pads, and drives can be compressed, messing them up.

Keep them properly

4. Remember to change headphone pads

Headphones are there for more than just making it all look aesthetic. Their purpose is to look after the comfort and sound quality of the headphones.

headphone pads

Headphone pads eventually collect moisture from sweat or dampness, even if they have protein leather coating. The pads become stiff and finally peel off or shatter. They might even deteriorate if you leave your pads alone for a while. When this starts to happen, you better change your headphone pads. If you are learning about how to keep earphones in good condition, it’s the same case for them; you better change earphone sleeves.

5. Take care of weak points 

There are a series of connections in headphones from plugs to volume, slider, in-line splitter, and earbuds. All of these points are extremely weak and can fall apart even if slightly mishandled. 

Here are a few things you need to make sure of while handling weak points:

  • Always pull the plug instead of the cable
  • Never leave it plugged in
  • Better not drop it
Take care of weak points

6. Keep it away from moisture

Moisture is the biggest enemy of your headphones. The changes in weather conditions can cause moisture, which will decompose the outer part of your headphones. On the other hand, sweat can also leave stains on your ear pads so keep that in mind. If you really want to know How to make your headphones last longer, this is the first thing you need to learn.

If by any chance your headphones are exposed to moisture or wet, douse them in rubbing alcohol immediately and let them air dry for a few hours. This can help them dry properly even from inside and work just fine afterwards.

7. Use cleaning tools 

Getting yourself the right cleaning tools is an important part of the journey of How to make your headphones last longer. It is said that you should remove your headphone pads and clean them and internal parts with cleaning tools, like cotton swabs, alcohol rubs, etc.

8. Moderate volume

While producing sound, headphone speakers vibrate quite frequently. When the volume is turned up too loud, the delicate sound-producing systems are shaken, which harms the headphones, warps the sound and can also damage your ears and cost you a fortune on the appointment to the doctor. To avoid these things, here are a few tips to follow:

  • Always turn down the volume before you plugin
  • Stop relying on bass boost
  • Keep the volume moderate. It will increase the lifespan of headphones and your ears

9. Wireless headphones need a charging schedule

charging schedule

A wireless headphone helps you avoid the untangling of the wires but come up with the additional work of charging it every now and then. You should have a regular schedule and charge them to the fullest to keep the battery healthy. Don’t wait for its battery to drain completely; charge it before. Make sure you are not charging it wrong, or else internal circuits can be damaged quite badly. Charging schedule essential, and you should do it, else you will be found asking How To Fix Bluetooth Earbuds & Headphones Not Charging?

10. Get yourself durable headphones

Quality materials are a determining factor in durability. Therefore, it’s always a wise choice to spend money on models that could be expensive but are made to last. Not all expensive headphones will last long. So don’t just go for it because it is expensive. Think about what you need and make sure whatever you are getting is durable.

11. Match the ohms of your headphones to the audio source

Headphones work well together with the source and deliver the best audio quality. This explains why high impedance headphones won’t produce the best sound quality when used with low-powered audio sources. If the headphones have low impedance and you use them as high-powered amplifiers, they can explode.


A pair headphone makes you happy, right? Just like every other thing that makes you happy, your headphones also deserve your love and care. If you handle them gently and take care of them, they can last for years with you. All you need to do is don’t be harsh on them, and if you put on some extra care, they can give you a lot in return. So take care of them and enjoy!!

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