Can You Bring Headphones Into A Sauna Or Steam Room?

Saunas and steam rooms are extremely relaxing and tranquil experiences. If you go to any place for a long time, you might have a few friendly faces, and you can enjoy quality time with them. What if you are new to the place or the rooms are empty? The first thing that will pop out in your mind to eliminate boredom would be to listen to songs or podcasts on your phone. You can’t just blast music out of your phone, so Can You Bring Headphones Into A Sauna?

Simply the answer would be, “NO, YOU CAN’T.” The headphone might malfunction when it would be inside a sauna or steam room due to the conditions in the room. Before moving forward, first, let’s learn what saunas and steam rooms are and how they work so that we can understand in a better way why we shouldn’t take headphones in.

Steam rooms and saunas

For all the people who have the question, Can You Bring Headphones Into A Steam Room? It is important to learn about it first. Talking about saunas and steam rooms, they both do the same thing, but the way they do it is a key distinction between them. Steam rooms and saunas are built in closed spaces where a sufficient amount of heat is given to your body so that it sweats off toxins, reduces stress, burns your calories, and a lot of other things. 

Extreme heat and moisture in closed spaces make it hell for electronic devices. It is said that if your phone is water resistant, you can wrap it in a wet towel so that it can survive the harsh conditions inside. However, this trick is not guaranteed success as the water-resistant rating differs from a waterproof grade.

Even if you can sneak in your mobile, how Can You Bring Headphones Into A Sauna? You can’t wrap them in a wet towel and use them for obvious reasons, so leaving everything outside the room is preferred. In most cases, headphones and such places don’t end very well.

 Headphones Into A Sauna?

Why can’t you use headphones in a sauna or steam room 

Now let’s talk in detail about why we can’t we bring in the headphones. We have listed few possibilities that can occur if you try to do this experiment. 

Battery can explode

The fact is that without batteries, none of the wireless headphones will function. Most batteries would explode in conditions of saunas and steam rooms. As there is excessive heat and humidity, it is very unsafe. Additionally, when the headphones are in or over your ears, they become much more hazardous.

Battery can explode

While batteries shouldn’t be exposed to temperatures exceeding 140°F (60°C), saunas and steam rooms can go up to 195°F (90°C). Even if you are lucky that the batteries in your headphones don’t blow up, no one can predict how the high temperature will impact the battery life in the future. In short, getting your headphones will surely affect your device, and if not, at that very moment, it will do later. Better not to use them because your peaceful time can turn into a tragedy within seconds if the batteries in your headphones explode while you have them on your ears.

They might turn off

Some headphones have an automatic shutdown feature if they are exposed to extreme conditions. This eliminates taking them into saunas and steam rooms ultimately in the first place. When you open the box of your headphones, there will be a user manual under which it might be written under what conditions they will stop working. If not there, you can also find it written on the box; if you can’t find it even on the box, you can Google the question. Alongside, you might even get an answer to the question Can You Use Bluetooth Headphones On A Plane? This feature will enable itself automatically when headphones are in an atmosphere that is way too hot or humid for them.

If you have headphones that have this feature, your wireless headphones will turn off automatically within a few minutes. The bad thing is that they won’t turn on immediately after you move to a suitable environment. This feature is very common; you can find it in almost every headphone that uses batteries to operate. 

Doesn’t matter if your headphone has this feature or not. Being a human, you have a brain, and you should know that it is extremely harmful to bring your headphones in saunas and steam rooms under hot and humid conditions. You are risking your device and yourself if you do this.

High IPX Rating

For those who already know what IPX ratings are, we expect you to know that IPX7 grade headphones are considered to be waterproof. Nevertheless, exposing your headphones to a hot and humid environment can lead to condensation, which will later harm the drivers in your headphones. 


There are holes in your headphones created for speakers and microphones, and they can be gaps where condensation can enter your headphones and damage them badly. Damage caused by condensation is far more likely to occur if your headphones are older or have a lower IPX7 rating. Even the manufacturer’s warranty won’t cover this type of damage. Most brands refuse to cover the damage under warranty if the moisture sensor is activated. Hence, if it is damaged, you will either have to buy a new one or get it fixed on your own. Isn’t it better to be safer than sorry? So avoid taking them in the saunas and steam rooms. 

Growth of mold and bacteria is expected in these conditions

Regularly worn headphones that aren’t cleaned will gradually develop mold and bacteria. The bacteria will quickly develop in a warm, humid environment, especially if the headphones contain surfaces conducive to their growth.

Three factors make such expansion risky:

  1. Your headphones could get damaged.
  2. Unpleasant odors could develop in the coverings.
  3. If some germs enter your ear canal, you could suffer an ear infection.

This proves that taking headphones in saunas and steam rooms can damage your device and give you hard times. Those who have suffered from ear infections know how painful it is. It is for your betterment to not take headphones in there. If not, then and there, they will harm you later. The damage is guaranteed. 


By now, we hope you have got the answer to Can You Bring Headphones Into A Steam Room? It’s not advisable to bring headphones into a sauna or steam room, which is also advised to people who ask if you can wear earphones while driving. Within a few minutes, your headphones will face serious damage. If you are unlucky and the battery explodes, things can go worst. Most of the manufacturer’s warranties won’t cover all the damage to your headphones in the saunas and steam rooms. So you should leave your headphones and other devices outside (probably in reception) and unwind by relaxing and calm experience of saunas and steam rooms. 

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