Do Apple Headphones Work on PS4 & how do you get them to work on PS4?

If you enjoy playing PS4 games, you’ll appreciate how much having a pair of headphones that work with the system can improve how immersive the experience is. Any PS4 players who also own a pair of Apple headphones may have wondered if they can possibly connect and function as one unit. To answer your question, do apple headphones work on PS4 in a single word? Yes, they do. 

This article will easily explain the basics of connecting your headphones to your console, allowing you to play surround sound games as they were intended to be played. The PS4 controller’s audio input receiver should accept the 3.5mm connection from your Apple headphones.

apple headphones work on PS4

Do Apple Headphones Work On PS4 2022?

PS4 controllers are made to use OMTP standard connectors, while Apple headphones are made to use CTIA stereo jacks. The Apple headphones’ microphones do not necessarily function with them due to this slight design incompatibility. This incompatibility may lead to asking, how do you get apple headphones to work on PS4? 

Apple headphones can connect to and function with PS4 gaming equipment. Because of the PS4’s different input receiver and audio port, Apple headphones cannot automatically activate their microphones when attached.

There are two fundamental fixes for this problem. The jack can be partially inserted into the audio receiver to reset the stereo rings and essentially trick the PS4 into picking up the mics on your headphones.

Work On PS4 2022

Syncing headphones to PS4

Before connecting, make an effort to make sure that both headphones are in good working order and that the audio jack is error-free. A port for audio input should be present on the bottom of every PS4 controller. Just plug in your Apple headphones using the jacks provided. Always check to make sure the jack is inserted correctly and isn’t bent in an uncomfortable or stressful position. This is an easy way to solve how do you get apple headphones to work on PS4.

You should begin receiving playback right away on your Apple headphones. But occasionally, manual setup is required. This can be done by going to your PS4’s settings menu and turning on the headset under the Audio Devices section.

However, if you are connecting AirPods and notice that the mic is not working, give read to AirPods Mic Not Working? Try These 6 Tips.

Tips and tricks

Apple headphones offer a cozy, dependable way to listen to audio, but if they are not taken care of, they may become damaged. Users must take care not to overstretch the PS4 controller’s input port, jack, or connecting cords. If your mobile device has remote play functionality, you can use it to connect your Apple headphones and have a functional microphone at the same time.

Avoid using less expensive headphones or converters when playing PS4 games. Cheaper items can cause unintended damage to your playback and gaming equipment. 

You can ask a qualified expert at Sony or Apple to assist you in properly connecting your Apple headphones if you run into connection problems while being confident that all of your components are in excellent working order.

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Why do apple headphones not work on PS4? Solve the problem with easy steps

If you can’t hear the audio coming from your Apple headphones when you plug them into your PS4, follow these instructions:

  • Then select Audio Devices under Devices in Settings.
  • Connect your headphones to your game console.
  • Choose Headset Connected to Controller under Output Device.
  • By selecting Adjust microphone Level from the Audio Devices, the microphone can be adjusted.
  • Go to Audio Devices tab -> Output to headphones -> output all audio to your headphones.

Use the Play Remotely App to turn on the microphone

• Download the “PS4 Remote Play” app from the Google Play Store or App Store for your smartphone.

• Go to Settings -> Remote Play Connection Settings -> Add device on your PS4 to add a device.

• A code to connect your device to your PS4 will now be displayed to you.

• But first, you must link your phone and PS4 controller.

• Disconnect your PS4’s controller.

• Press and hold the PS4 and Share buttons at the same time until the controller’s LED starts to blink to put your PS4 controller in pairing mode.

• Locate the Bluetooth list for your device under the Settings tab on your phone.

• Select your PS4 controller and pair it with your gadget.

• When your device is paired, your controller’s LED will show a solid color.

• Go to the Remote Play app on your phone right away and sign in using the same credentials as your PS4 to continue.

• Click Register manually, then key in the code shown on your TV screen.

• Click Settings in the lower right corner of the remote play app on your phone.

• Turn on the microphoneYour mic should now be working. Continue reading How to Adjust/Change Mic Sensitivity on Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows? When using headphones with other devices.

Connect Headphones through a wireless feature

Use the Bluetooth adapter to connect your apple headphones to your PS4. Follow the instructions below to easily connect your wireless headphones. 

  • Locate the USB port on your PS4
  • Attach the Bluetooth Adapter
  • Make sure that your headphones are in pairing mode
  • PS4 and headphones should pair
  • Plug-in microphone to PS4 (3.55mm audio jack will be compatible)
  • Go to setting on the menu
  • Go to Devices 
  • Select Output Devices
  • Click on your headset

You should now be connected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I utilize the mic on my Apple headphones with the PS4?

Using your Apple headphones as a microphone on a PS4 is possible. Simply connect them to the PS4’s headphone jack and begin speaking.

What can a PS4 user use as a microphone?

In the case that you are tired of asking why do apple headphones not work on ps4 while using a mic, you can try other options. In many cases, the headphones you are using may have a microphone that is not compatible with PS4. In this situation, a PlayStation 4 can work with a few different kinds of microphones. The Sony ECM-717, Samson C01U, and Blue Yeti R4 are some of the most well-liked microphones for use with this system.

How do I use my AirPods as a microphone on the PS4?

The AirPods don’t have a built-in microphone, but they can be utilized with a tethered or wireless microphone. Connect the AirPods to the PS4 using the provided USB connection to use a wired microphone. Make sure the AirPods are linked to the same Wi-Fi network as your PS4 before using a wireless microphone.

Do Apple Headphones Work On PS4 as well as other headphones?

A few different styles of headphones work with the PlayStation 4. While some are wireless, others are wired. The wired headphone, which connects to the PS4’s headphone connector, is the most popular kind of headphone. Bluetooth is required to connect wireless headphones to the PS4, and some models additionally contain an NFC chip for quick and simple pairing.


We are sure that you no longer ask yourself Do Apple Headphones work on PS4 2022 after reading this guide. You can now easily connect to your apple headphones and enjoy the gaming experience in the way it was designed to be played.

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