Why Does My Bluetooth Headphone Die Fast? [10 Reasons]

For someone that stays attached to their Bluetooth headphones at all times dreads two things that are almost heartbreaking. The first is the notification that your mobile phone is running out of charge, and the second is when the notification reads, “10% battery left”. The two beeps just before the headphone shutdown are perhaps the most upsetting sound that you have ever heard. Despite having quality Bluetooth headphones that provide the best sound for your listening, the major question in everyone’s mind is, why does my Bluetooth headphone die fast?

Ten reasons that reduce your Bluetooth headphone battery quickly

headphone battery quickly
  1. Low-quality headphones 

With the aim of making Bluetooth headphones accessible to all, manufacturers have started to create low-quality headphones. These low-quality devices use components that are not made to last long. They have a smaller battery that is too overpowering for the rest of the headphones resulting in limited battery timing. These headphones also have a smaller life span and are often cheap. If you are using a product that matches the above description, you will only be able to have a couple of hours of playback time at best before having to recharge again. 

  1. High graphics and sound

Most headphones are built to automatically provide you with the best listening experience possible. Even though the headphones are capable of providing you with a worthwhile experience, there are still limited applications that can support high-definition sound. Gaming applications or streaming websites often offer a high-quality sound to their users, which means that the headphones are being used to their full capacity. This strains the battery and reduces the total playback time for headphones. You will experience that your battery health drains quicker when using such applications. 

  1. Multiple applications use

Your device is often using multiple applications that are running in the background. This includes apps that overlap one another as these apps drain the battery of headphones. The use of multiple applications means that your headphones are outputting a lot more information at a single time. More sounds being played at a single time means that the battery playback time is reduced. 

  1. Streaming music

Most people use streaming applications such as Netflix or Spotify when listening to music or watching movies as opposed to downloading them and using the device’s built-in music/video player. The use of applications decreases the headphone’s charge and limits the time a user can go without charging their device.

  1. Using EQ

The EQ option in headphones allows for better sound quality and an overall better experience when using the headphones. However, that comes at a price for the user. Good headphones have this feature, but that also means that the playback time for a user is restricted. EQ uses a lot of battery and restricts use for a user, which is one of the reasons why Bluetooth headphones die fast. 

  1. Low Battery health

Excessive use of the headphones and unhealthy charging practices means that the battery health might have deteriorated. This can be due to using headphones for a long period of time, but also due to charging irregularly or not with the right adaptors. Having low battery health can mean that your headphones lose charge fairly quickly. 

  1. Using Noise Cancellation

The noise cancellation feature is a feature that has helped a lot of people focus in tough situations. However, when it comes to using the noise canceling continuously, you can expect that your headphones will die faster. This feature has a lot of strain on the battery, and its use is one of the major reasons why playback time is limited. 

  1. Storing headphones in the sun

If you store your headphone in a place where there is direct sunlight, there is a possibility that your heap shone will drain faster. This is because sitting for long periods of time in direct sunlight spoils the battery of a headphone. It can make your battery leak or even overheat, which may cause it to drain and make your Bluetooth headphone die faster. You should also keep your wires straight so that they do not break. If you want more information on How to Untangle Headphone Cords: Ultimate Guide, you can click here. 

  1. Overcharging headphones

It is not healthy for headphones to be left on charging once they have completely charged. Overcharging a pair of headphones has negative effects on the battery and reduces the playback time. You can expect the battery to reduce in health with time if you continuously overcharge it. 

  1. Charging through the wrong power medium

Most people have a habit of charging the headphones with either a laptop’s USB port or even their mobile phone in some cases. They also use different charging cables than the one that came with the device. Not only is the battery not sufficiently charged in this method, but there are also chances that your battery life can reduce due to varying voltage. 

How to prolong your Bluetooth headphone battery?

Bluetooth headphone battery

Even if you have a Bluetooth headphone that provides an entire day’s worth of playback, you are bound to feel upset when the battery runs out. The Bluetooth feature does drain a lot of battery, and none of us like to find out that our headphones are not charged. However, there are steps that can allow us to increase our headphones life. As you read on, you will find battery drain hacks for headphones

  • Download audio or video

Rather than streaming, you should download the songs that you listen to on a daily basis. This way, you can have your favorite playlist saved on your device and save your Bluetooth headphones battery. This hack can save your battery and allow you to use your headphones for longer. 

  • Use apps that don’t use data

Using cellular data takes a toll on your mobile battery as it does on the headphones you are using. When you are using applications that are offline, you save a lot of battery. You can use headphones for a longer time and can increase their use. 

  • Reduce sound quality through applications

Suppose you are on the go and are looking to extend the life of your battery, then you should reduce the sound quality. EQ provides another layer of sound quality, which is something that you do not need if you are trying to conserve energy. This hack will allow you to use your headphones for much longer. You can always use the feature when you know you will be able to charge the headphones easily. 


Whenever you find yourself worried about why your Bluetooth headphone dies fast, the first thing you should do is to check your headphone battery. If you feel your headphone overheating while charging, it may be an indicator of low battery health. With these hacks, you will be able to find ways How to make your headphones last longer? While at the same time, you will also be able to ensure that you can get the most out of your Bluetooth headphone.

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