TOP 12 Best Headphones for Video Editing

Are you a video or film editor looking for the best headphones for video editing? This article outlines the TOP 12 headphones the market has to offer!

The TOP 12 Best Headphones for Video Editing in 2022 have been tried and tested by users to bring you a reliable list of options.


The best headphones for video editing need to be like the cuts, transitions and edits that you make- smooth and unobtrusive.

You want the headphones to provide you with natural and tonally neutral sound for precision when checking audio quality, syncing and levels. For this you will need studio headphones or at least headphones that provide the same balanced sound.

Because you will be spending hours wearing your video editing headset you need them to be comfortable. Like really comfortable! You have 3 choices when it comes to ear cup design- over ear, in ear or on ear. Over-ear tend to be the most comfortable. Most of the headphones on this list follow that design. Over ear headphones will also provide a good seal around the ear for maximum noise cancelling.

The second aspect to keep in mind when looking for headphones for video editing is noise cancelling and isolation capabilities. Headphones can be broken down into 2 further styles– closed back and open back headphones.

Open back headphones will usually have a mesh or vent at the back of the ear cup covering the driver. This allows for more air flow around the driver and the earcups generally. This does great things for sound quality, but often reduces noise cancelling features. Because the ear cups are open and allow air to move freely through, your ears may not get as hot as closed back headphones.

Closed back headphones tend to have better noise cancelling and isolation features due to this design. However, there is more advanced driver technology available for open back headphones for those looking for a deeper, more natural soundscape.

The rate of impedance is also an important factor when choosing the best headphones for video editing. What does this mean? The lower the impedance or ohms of headphones, the easier it is to get the full sound spectrum from them without using extra drivers etc.

Frequency Response refers to the scope of sound frequencies that your headphones deliver. For video editing you want the frequency response range to be from around 10-40000Hz.

This list of the best headphones for video editing focusses on wired headphones. These tend to have lower latency and more reliable connectivity. But with the advances in wireless and Bluetooth tech, these issues are becoming less and less important.

Introducing The TOP 12 Best Headphones for Video Editing in 2022!

These have been tried and tested by users to bring you a reliable list of options for your video editing needs in 2022.

 1. Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO

The DT770 Pro (32 ohms) are the best headphones for video editing. You will be able to enjoy the full spectrum of sound on your camera, phone or laptop without the need for extra tech or software. The closed-back over ear design with leatherette and velour earpads and headband will give you a tighter bass response and isolate your ears from external noise. They come with a 1.6 metre cable, so you won’t feel too restricted in your movement.

Specifications What we like Not so much
Style: over ear closed back Comfortable design Leatherette and velour earpads may get a little hot after extended periods.
Connection: wired Good noise cancellation  
Driver size: 45mm Wide device compatibility  
Frequency Response: 5-35,000Hz Good sound spectrum  
Impedance: 32 ohm    
Weight: 270g    

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2. Focal Listen Professional

These are the most comfortable headphones for video editing designed to produce balanced, natural, dynamic sound. The low impedance rating means you will be able to use this on any device and enjoy a good soundscape. Focal have included a 1.4m cable, plus a 5m coiled cable for convenience and comfort while you work. The over ear earcups use memory foam earpads that mould to the shape of your ear for long editing sessions. This feature also allows for good noise isolation. These headphones are not only one of the best headphones for video editing, but also give good balanced, natural sound when listening to music.

Specifications What we like Not so much
Style: over ear, closed back Nice neutral sound Headband not the most comfortable
Connection: Wired Comfortable fit Pricey
Frequency Response: 5-22000Hz Comes with a carrier case  
Driver size: 40mm Provides dynamic sound  
Impedance: 32 ohms    
Weight: 280g    

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 3. Nura Nuraphone

Nuraphone have created a true hybrid headset. They are essentially earbuds with an over ear ear cup providing you fantastic noise isolation, a comfortable fit and great sound quality. These Nuraphone headphones go a step above the rest, which make these a strong contender for the best headphones for video editing. They provide you with the tools to completely customise your soundstage through the Nura App. The headphones will assess the strengths and weaknesses of your hearing and your working environment to set up your perfect sound profile. The sound isolation is not only achieved by the clever design but also through Active Noise Cancelling technology and Tesla venting. The venting system allows the speaker drivers to pump air through the earcups, keeping your ears cool.  These are Bluetooth headphones, providing you with more flexibility and versatility.

Specifications What we like Not so much
Style: over ear and in ear, closed back Sound profiling features Frequency response not as good as other brands
Connection: Bluetooth Tesla venting system Design may not be for everyone
Driver size: 40 mm (outer ear) 15mm (inner ear) Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) technology Design may feel a little restrictive and get a little uncomfortable
Frequency Response: 20-20000Hz Bluetooth connectivity Expensive
Impedance: not stated All black design
Weight: 329g

 4. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

These headphones are designed for long hours of focussed editing. The over-ear, closed back design means they serve up a good dose of comfort with great noise cancellation. Their design is a little bulky, but the swivelling earcups mean they can be folded up a little smaller. This feature also allows for increased comfort. The low-level impedance and respectable frequency response work with the 45mm drivers to give you balanced sound on pretty much any device. Audio-Technica have engineered these headphones for a flat response with a neutral sound range. There is a little more bass than purists may be ok with, but it is not sufficiently noticeable to complain about.

Specifications What we like Not so much
Style: over ear, closed back Balanced, natural sound Bulky design
Connection: wired Closed earcups provide great sound isolation A little “bassy” for neutral sound headphones
Driver: 45mm Come with 3 different cables: coiled cable from 1.2-3m, a 3m straight cable and a 1.2 m straight cable.  
Frequency Response: 15-28000Hz    
Impedance: 38 ohms    
Weight: 285g    

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5. Beyerdynamic DT 240 PRO

The DT240 Pro are ergonomically designed for convenience and portability. The earcups pivot to fold flat, making them more compact for transportation. These headphones have a metal-reinforced headband and aluminium earcup pivots contribute further to the sturdy build. The ear cups are over-ear but are a little smaller than other models so may get a little uncomfortable after a while. The leatherette ear cups may make the ears a little hot. Overall, these second pair of headphones from Beyerdynamic are good headphones for editing video.

Specifications What we like Not so much
Style: Over ear, closed back Affordable price Earcups may be a little small and hot
Connection: Wired Studio quality sound  
Driver size; not stated Compact  
Frequency Response: 5-35000Hz    
Impedance: 34 ohms    
Weight: 261g    

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6. Sony MDR-7506

These Sony MDR-7506 are one set of a series by Sony designed for studio use. This model has 50mm drivers, a frequency response of 5-40000Hz and 24 ohm impedance. They come with a soft carry case and are foldable but may be a little bulkier than you would like on-the-go. The noise isolating ear cups are made from ultra- comfortable memory foam that moulds to the shape of your ear. If you are looking for good headphones for video editing, then you should definitely consider these.

Specifications What we like Not so much
Style: over ear, closed back Low impedance Don’t fold flat
Connection: Wired Large drivers  
Driver size: 50mm Wide frequency response  
Frequency Response: 5-40000Hz Big, comfortable earcups  
Impedance: 24 ohms    
Weights: 261g    

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7. Sennheiser HD 300 PRO

The HD 300 Pro’s are a little heavier duty than the others on this list. They have extra large over ear earcups, 123db max sound pressure, 64-ohm impedance and a frequency response of 6-25000Hz. The impedance level means that these aren’t for casual editing on your phone.  The design is for extended video or film editing sessions and exceptional noise isolation. These are the best headphones for film editing due to the big, accurate sound they deliver.

Specifications What we like Not so much
Style: over ear, closed back Larger than life earcups Impedance level is high
Connection: Wired Frequency response Pricey
Driver size: not stated Folding headband  
Frequency Response: 6-25000Hz    
Impedance: 64 ohms    
Weight: 297g    

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8. Sony WH-1000XM3

The WH1000XM3’s are appropriate for pretty much all of your listening and editing needs.  The advanced Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) technology is unrivalled, giving you the freedom to edit in the quietest or noisiest of environments. The noise cancelling properties are further reinforced with the large closed earcups and leatherette earpads. Sony have designed these with practicality in mind. They use a Bluetooth wireless connection that gives up to 10m in range, but they also come with 3.5mm wired connection as well. The battery life is excellent with 30 hours of use with one charge. Although these headphones have not been designed with studio quality in mind, the 4-40000Hz frequency response will provide you with clarity of sound. Like Nuraphone, you can set up your preferred sound profile with these Sony headphones. These are definitely a strong contender for the best headphones for video editing.

Specifications What we like Not so much
Style: over ear, closed back Versatile Expensive
Connection: Bluetooth and wired Wired or wireless connection Not designed for neutral sound
Drover size: 40mm You can set up your perfect sound profile  
Frequency Response: 4-40000Hz Advanced noise cancelling features  
Impedance: 16-47 ohms Nice design  
Weight: 255g    

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9. Yamaha YH-L700A Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Immerse yourself in the action with the best headphones for film editing and the best headphones for editing generally These Yamaha YH-L700A open back headphones use 3D Sound Field tracking technology that gives cinema quality sound in a much smaller package. The Listening Sound optimizer will adapt the sound in real time to you and your environment. Yamaha have also included top quality Active Noise Cancelling technology that can be switched to ambient sound when you want to let more sound in. Another clever piece of tech in the YH-L700A is the intelligent equalization that gives you full range of sound even at low volume, enabling you to hear every footstep and door closing in the background. These are wireless headphones and use Bluetooth 5 technology, providing you with a stable connection, but can also be wired using the included cable.

Specifications What we like Not so much
Style: Over ear, closed back Swivelling earcups Battery drains quickly when using the 3D Sound Field tracking technology
Connection: Bluetooth 5 and wired Additional sound features and tech  
Driver Size: not stated Simple controls  
Frequency Response: not stated Voice assistant  
Impedance: Battery life: 34 hours  
Weight Advanced Active Noise Cancelling technology  

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10. Audeze LCD-X

These planar magnetic open back headphones provide more precise sound with less distortion than others on this list. This type of driver also provides more impactful, powerful sound without overpowering bass. For this price the sound quality is unbeatable and because they are open back, the sound will feel more “open” and natural. The downside to this is that noise cancellation is not as good as other closed back models. The Audeze LCD-1 drivers are 90mm, but this does not affect accessibility to full soundscape or make these headphones noticeably heavier. If the best headphones for video editing for you deliver cinema quality sound, then these are for you.

Specifications What we like Not so much
Style: Over ear, open back Genuine leather earpads Noise cancelling features are not a good as closed back headphones
Connection: Wired Cinema quality sound Sound leakage
Driver Size: 90mm    
Frequency response: 10-50000Hz    
Impedance: 16 ohms    

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11. Audio Technica ATH-E50

Perhaps the over ear style is not the most comfortable for you, so we have also included these in-ear Audio-Technica that boast amazing audio quality. They use a triple driver for each category of sound-highs, mids, lows, meaning you get full spectrum, full power sound. Some of the best headphones for editing cannot boast this feature. The frequency response is not as good as some of the others on this list, but the design means that the noise isolation is great. The in-ear style means that these fit securely in the ear with a flexible over-ear loop, locking them into place. Plus, they are so lightweight, you will barely even notice you are wearing them. The eartips come in 3 different sizes, so you can choose the best and most comfortable fit.

Specification What we like Not so much
Style: in-ear Amazing audio quality Not quite the same range as over ear headphones
Connection: Wired Comfortable fit  
Frequency response: 20-19000Hz Lightweight  
Impedance: 39 ohms    
Weight: 9g    

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12. Sennheiser IE 40 Pro

The Sennheiser IE 40 Pro are sound isolating, ultra-lightweight, in-ear headphones that deliver more neutral sounds for video editing. If you are looking for the best headphones for video editing then Sennheiser is a brand you can trust. Unlike Audio-Technica above, Sennheiser have used one driver here delivering impressively balanced sound. Due to the in-ear design with an ear loop to hold these earbuds in place, they provide a good level of comfort for long editing sessions. Included with the earbuds are ear tips in 3 different sizes so you can achieve ultimate comfort whatever size ears you have.

Specification What we like Not so much
Style: In-ear Detailed and finely balanced sound The treble is a little sharp
Connection: Wired Comfortable fit  
Frequency response: 20-18000Hz Great price  
Impedance: 20 ohms    
Weight: 18g    

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The 12 best headphones for video editing all deliver quality neutral sound for video editing at a price that won’t make your bank manager cry.

Whether you like the over-ear or inner-ear style for your work, the best headphones for editing headphones listed will provide you with hours of comfort for long editing sessions.

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