Bluetooth Headphones won’t Turn On Or Charge Issue?[Ultimate Guide]


The Bluetooth Headphones won’t Turn On Issue might be annoying. We all nearly wanted to chuck them in the trash when it happened. Put on some logic and stop behaving irrationally. Consider the causes and try to fix the problem. There are a lot of things that could go wrong, though. Your cable or USB is where the issue will probably be resolved.

If you have eliminated all the possibilities of solutions while learning about How to Fix Bluetooth headphones connected but no sound? Now would probably be time to take the issue of headphones won’t turn on more seriously.

Either the USB is not inserted correctly, or the charging cord is defective, which is why they are not charging. Ensure that your USB is fully inserted into both the power supply and the headphones. Use an alternative cable if you think that is the problem. 99 percent of the time, that will make it right. But on top of that, there can be other problems. Here are the most typical reasons Bluetooth headphones don’t charge.

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Faulty cable

The cable will be checked first because it is sensitive and can be damaged easily. Continuous turning and twisting will produce weak spots, which may result in a tear. Ensure that the cable is inserted correctly while the headphones are charging. 

Faulty cable

Alternately, see if plugging is working. If the problem is still there, try using different cables, and just for the sake of checking, see if the cable that isn’t working on your headphones is working on something else. If the cable works elsewhere, there is a problem with the port. 

Fault in the battery 

Faulty batteries are one of the main reasons the headphones won’t turn on. It occurs, particularly if you have a habit of leaving them in a hot car or the sun. Overheating your Bluetooth headphones has the potential to harm the battery.

Faulty batteries

On the other hand, if the headphones are brand new, think about sending them in for service as it might be a factory defect.

Headphones not been charged for a long time.

Underuse of your battery can cause damage to it and can be major Bluetooth Headphones won’t Turn On Issue. Your battery doesn’t appreciate it if you keep your headphones away for a long time. They might pass away if they discharge entirely. This will undoubtedly result in some charging problems, to put it mildly.

Headphones not been charged

In most cases, if the light is off when you put them to charge, it means there’s not even enough power for the light to glow. Leave the charger plugged in for some time to see what happens. After a few rounds of charging, there is a remote possibility that they could recover.

The issue with the charging port

Let’s face it; this had occurred to all of us at some point in our lives when we spent the entire day blaming the cable when the main problem was the device’s port. The metallic inside of the USB port may become damaged with regular use. This will prevent the charging cable from connecting. Hence, the headphones will not be charging.

The issue with the charging port

Moreover, debris, dust, grime, food oil, and other contaminants might attract your headphones or earbuds when you store them in your pockets or throw them in your bag or other places. You would have to clean them off so that you don’t roam around asking Why Does My Bluetooth Headphone Die Fast?


The electrical parts of your headphones, especially the battery, do not go well together with harsh weather conditions. Try to stay away from charging when it’s really hot or cold typically.


If it’s too warm, turn on the air conditioning. If it’s still too warm, charge your devices at night when it’s cooler. Any temperature between 41 °F and 95 °F (5 °C and 35 °C) is ideal. If you do not take care of this aspect seriously, you will see some severe damage done to your headphones.`

Now that you know the possible reasons for your Bluetooth headphones problems, et’s head toward solving them. Here’s the list of things you can do to fix your issue. 

  • If you are charging from the computer, make sure it is switched on 

This might sound silly, but we are human beings; that’s what we do, make silly mistakes. Make sure that the computer you are using to charge is turned on. 

  • Try using other connections instead of a USB hub

There can be an issue in the USB hub, so try to use a different connection to eliminate this thing from your task.

  • Charge your phone directly from the power outlet

Sometimes the headphones are not in the mood to get charged with portable chargers or computers; try to plug them in with a direct power outlet using an adapter. This might help you with the issue.

  • Inspect the contact points of headphones and charger both. 

Both cables and headphones’ contact points are susceptible. So, make sure to check them if there is any damage or not. 

  • Insert the cable properly 

Sometimes we get annoyed thinking that we have lost our headphones, and the reason they won’t be charging would be so simple that the cable was not inserted in the port correctly. So before you start banging them in frustration, look for this.

  • Use different cables 

Cables can be the culprit too. Try using some other cables, and if the other one works, sorry, your cable is not worthy anymore.

  • See if the charging port is OK or not 

Next thing to check after the cable is the port. There can be dirt and debris in the port, so you can clean them out, and it will be good to go. Mostly charging ports are the reasons for headphones not charging, so do check them. 

  • Leave it plugged in for a while

When your headphone’s battery is completely drained, it takes a few hours to get back. Plug it in and leave it for a while, hoping for the best. 

  • Charge them at ideal temperatures

Charge them in the ideal conditions because if you try to do it in harsh conditions, they might not turn on

  • Get the latest firmware update 

If you have outdated software, it can also affect your charging. Perform a software update, and everything will start working just fine.

  • Attempt a hard rest

There isn’t data saved in your headphones, so go for the hard rest. This might help you resolve any software bugs caused by updates. 

  • Turn off programming mode if it’s on

There is a rare chance that you have mistakenly turned on the programming mode. Simply connect your headphones to the computer using a USB cable. A pop will show up once it is recognized. This will turn off the programming mode automatically. 


All the Bluetooth headphones, in general, have the same Lithium-lion batteries, making them almost identical regarding problems and their solutions. The only thing that differentiates them is that every brand has indicators and connectors. It would help if you looked for the best solution for your headphones. With all the steps, there is nothing you can’t solve.

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