How To Stop Headphone Cables From Curling [11 Tips]

It’s a real headache when you find your headphones tangled and curled up into impossible knots. Not only does it risk breakage in the wires, but it also limits the length of the wires, making them difficult to use. It is extremely common to find your headphones tangled in different ways, but before you get all frustrated, you should read this article. 

Most people have a habit of storing their headphones without any care. They either keep them in their bag or in any enclosed space like a pocket. The result is a randomly curled, knotted, and tangled wire that is extremely difficult to straighten. Not only will you lose time straightening out the cables, but you will risk damaging the outer insulation wire and the inner copper wires.

Headphone Cables

11 Tips to stop your cables tangling

To make sure that you can save your headphones and your time, here are 11 tips that can teach you how to stop headphone cables from curling.

1. Velcro is your best friend

There are many different ways that you can use to wrap your cable. Once you do choose the method that suits you best, find a way that secures the coil in place. Most users use Velcro to secure the coil. Not only does it make it easy to fold and unfold, but you can keep it attached to your cable, and you won’t lose it. The Velcro also reminds you to recoil the cable once you have finished using the headphones so that they stay untangled for your next use. 

2. Rubber band

A rubber band may sound trivial at first, but it is the greatest help you can get when keeping your headphone cable untangled. A rubber band is easily accessible and can keep your coil straight and ready for the next use. Rather than leaving your headphones as they are in a bag, using a rubber band will save you time. 

3. Use a designated case

Perhaps the easiest way to prolong the life of your headphones and the easiest top on how to stop headphones from twirling is to use a case. By having a designated case, you reduce the risk of tangling cables. Most cases have specific cutouts that sit the headphones perfectly, along with ample space for the cable. As they are designed to be compact, they can be easy to carry and keep your headphones cable safe from curling. 

4. Use a headphone stand

If you are one of those people that do not travel with headphones, such as an audio engineer or a gamer, it may be a good practice to use a headphone stand. Many people invest a lot of money in a good pair of headphones. Gamers and audio engineers alike absolutely love their gear and never travel with them. If you have a similar habit of using your headphones within a confined space only, you should be using a stand while not using them. You should also read “how to make your headphones last longer” if you wish to read similar ways on how you can keep your headphones safe.

Use a headphone stand

5. Over under coiling

Mostly used when cables are extremely long, this method is extremely effective. Through this method, you will always be able to store your headphones easily and avoid them from twirling. It is what many professionals use whenever working with long cables, wires, or even ropes. It’s actually really easy to coil a cable using the over-under method. 

  1. Use your left hand to hold the cable as it faces you. 
  2. Make the first coil while sliding your hand in a downward motion
  3. Reach the cable while your thumb points to the floor. Grab the cable and twist as you make a second coil
  4. Repeat, and you will be left with a cable that untwirls without tangling.

6. Double fold knot

This is a fairly simple trick that will stop your headphones from getting tangled. All you have to do is hold the cable end to end in separate hands and join them together. Do this once more and stretch the cables as they straighten out. Once done, all you have to do is pull one end over the other, and you will have your perfect loop.

Double fold knot

7. Use an object

An easy way to store our headphones and create perfect loops to stop the wires from curling is by using a long object. You can wrap the headphone cable length-wise on the object while putting the jack through the last lop. Once done, you can either carry the entire object with you or slide the cable off and store them in your bag.

8. Use your phone

One of the most popular ways how to stop headphone cables from curling is to use your own phone. By wrapping them around something such as your mobile, you can stop them from tangling. While at the same time, you can also stop them from getting misplaced. They can stay attached to your phone and stay knot free, allowing you to use them instantly.

9. Create a DIY holder

Perhaps this option is not for everyone, but for arts and crafts enthusiasts, you will love it. You can use any old credit card to create a headphone holder. This will allow you to create designated holes and stands for the headphone/earbud jack and the speakers. Not only will this allow you to stay organized, but it will also be customizable. You can design your stand however you want and truly make your headphone/earphone stand, STAND OUT!

Create a DIY holder

10. The Cable Coiling Method’ 8′

One of the most efficient ways to fold cables is by using the cable coiling method that creates an 8 on your hand. It is extremely easy and has proven to be an efficient method on how to stop headphone cables from twirling

  1. Use your thumb and 3 fingers to hold earbuds or the end of your cable connected to the headphones. 
  2. Start to wrap the cable around your fingers. 
  3. Remove two fingers once only a few inches of cable are left.
  4. The end of the cord can now be wrapped around the wrapped loops. 
  5. Fasten the cord and secure it in place. 

By keeping your cables secure, you can use them for a longer period of time. There are additional benefits of keeping your headphones safe as well. You can refer to “7 tips to make your headphones louder” to find additional benefits, tips, and tricks.

11. Binder Clip

A binder clip can be an easy fix to a frustrating problem. With a binder clip, not only can you bind the cables together, but you can also adjust the cable length. It just keeps everything extremely neat and tidy. Not only can a binder clip be used to coil the cable, but it can also be used as a stand for the headphones. The multi-purpose uses of the binder clip are many and can help you stay organized while increasing the life of your headphones.

Binder Clip


With the 11 tips, you can make sure that you are able to keep your headphone cables safe. You can stop the cables from curling and increase the life of your headphones. Getting frustrated due to knotted cables is a worry of the past. With the tips in this article, you will never have to spend your time sorting through headphones cables that contain many different knots.

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