The Best Headphones for ASMR

Who does not enjoy listening to sounds that give you the tingling? We have decided to fulfil your guilty pleasure by bringing you the best headphones for ASMR in the market today.

A good quality pair of ASMR headphones are capable of improving both your sleep and concentration. Some headphones are tailored to giving you a calming and relaxing hearing experience.

Choosing ASMR headphones that will suit your needs can be quite the task. You have a plethora of headphones available in the market to choose from. Lucky for you, we have decided to help you out by putting together this article. After doing a ton of research and going through several customer reviews, here are the best headphones for ASMR in the market today!

If you are reading this article, I am sure you already know what ASMR is. But let us go through it once again for all our readers.

What is ASMR?

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response or ASMR is the tingling sensation that is triggered due to some sounds and visuals, leading to a feeling of euphoria. Interestingly, only a part of the population is believed to experience this. ASMR artists focus on tapping, whispering, etc. to stimulate this sensation.

Since ASMR is mainly audio-based, it is essential to invest in a comfortable pair of headphones that provide high sound quality.

1. Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones- Best headphones for noise cancellation

Get ready to enjoy a crustal-clear and soothing audio experience! The Bose QuietComfort 20 headphones are designed to block out almost any noise that may distract you ASMR session. These headphones are available in models available for both Apple and Android devices for you to choose from according to your needs.

All you need to do now is slip into some comfy clothes, sit back, and relax while these headphones take you to your happy place! The Bose QuietComfort are genuinely one of the best headphones for ASMR that offer the most exceptional noise-cancelling tech available. They also feature a TriPort technology that provides the user with a deep bass illusion.

These headphones also provide fantastic comfort. With their StayHear+ tips that create conically shaped earbuds, they offer maximum comfort and support to wear for prolonged hours. These are the perfect in-ear earbuds that you can comfortably use while you fall asleep.

The ones who are on a budget may be disappointed to know that these headphones are a little pricier than the rest. But if you are an audiophile that wants to enjoy high-quality ASMR, these are the perfect investment.


  • Reputable manufacturer
  • Impressive noise-cancelling ability
  • Excellent ergonomic design
  • Clean, clear audio


  • Higher price point
  • Not the best battery life
  • No range of colour options

2. SleepPhones Acousticsheep Wireless Headphones- Best headphones for comfort

The AcousitcSheep SleepPhones are wireless headphones. This feature alone will make you want them because you do not have to worry about wires getting entangles and interfering with your ASMR session.

These headphones can connect to any of your devices that support Bluetooth at a 15- 30 ft range. It also comes with a USB cord and has a battery life of up to 10 hours, which is long enough for most of your sessions. These ultra-thin headphones feature adjustable speakers, built-in volume control, and play/pause buttons. They also function as an eye mask that will help you fall asleep, and you will also be relieved to hear that they can be machine-washed.

These kind of headphones are more for comfort than audio quality. They are pretty much just a headband that comes with speakers. You can comfortably sleep while using them because they are so cosy and soft to wear!

The only thing about these headphones that will make you think twice is their price. Their high price point is justified due to their genuinely wireless feature. They will allow you more comfortable and give you freedom without limiting your movement. But if you are a shopper that has a tight budget, you may want to keep looking for more affordable choices.


  • Slim, sleek headphones
  • Built-in controls
  • Safe for machine-wash
  • Wireless
  • Lightweight
  • Can be used as an eye mask
  • Multiple options concerning size and fabric
  • Great Bluetooth pairing range
  • 1-year warranty


  • Not the most durable
  • Lack of noise-cancelling tech
  • Does not come with a microphone
  • Shorter battery life
  • Bluetooth module needs to be taken out to charge the battery
  • May get warm
  • Might be uncomfortable for side sleepers

3. Sennheiser HD 599 Open-back Headphones

If you are an audiophile, you are in luck because these babies will surely not disappoint. Look forward to enjoying some excellent quality audio with their unique open-back design! The Sennheiser HD 599 have stellar audio and durable build quality. They deliver incredible sound quality with clear highs and mids, and deep bass. These headphones are lightweight and have super soft earpads enabling you to wear them for extended hours.

The open-back design contributes to a natural and spacious soundstage making your audio experience more realistic. This design is a determining factor for you to decide if they are suitable for you. Most over-ear headphones have an entirely solid back panel to cancel external noises, as seen in closed-back headphones. This design gives you a sense of spaciousness and space to make your audio sound more natural. If closed-back headphones make you feel claustrophobic, these headphones are perfect for you.

The downside of these headphones includes the requirement of a quiet environment for full potential. It is also one of the more expensive models on this lost. They are not the most comfortable to sleep in due to their wired design and bulkiness. However, if you are just looking for high-performing headphones to relax and use in a quiet environment, these are a reliable option for you. If you are not into the whole open-back design idea, that is okay! These headphones are also available in a closed-back design.


  • Open-back design gives a natural audio experience
  • The soundstage is spacious and clear
  • Exceptionally comfortable
  • Cord is replaceable
  • Lightweight
  • 2-year warranty
  • Available in two colours


  • Higher price point
  • Listening is better in quiet surroundings due to open-back design
  • Wired headphones
  • Not the most comfortable headphones to sleep in

4. Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Noise-cancelling Headphones

Here are some premium quality noise-cancelling headphones that you just cannot overlook! The Bose QuietComfort 35 headphones have excellent build quality and a phenomenal noise-cancelling technology. They are a solid choice for those of you who want to relax and listen to AMSR to help you fall asleep. Their fantastic audio quality and excellent active noise cancellation ability make it one of the best headphones for ASMR in the market.

They feature a dual-mic noise rejecting circuitry that enables you to take calls and activate your phone’s voice assistant like Siri, Google Assistant, etc. Another great thing about these headphones is that they are entirely wireless. All you need to do this pair them to your laptop or smartphone and you are free to move around and listen to your ASMR tracks. This is even more convenient if you enjoy listening to ASMR in bed as you can comfortably fall asleep without worrying about any wires. So, if you are a side sleeper, you can NOT consider these!

They have a 40-hour battery life with the wired mode and a 20-hour one with the wireless mode. These headphones are also incredibly lightweight and comfortable because of their faux leather earpads. You can easily use these headphones for hours at a stretch without feeling any discomfort.

However, if you are on a budget, you might want to keep looking. These are a pretty expensive option compared to many other models. But overall, apart from some minor issues, it is a fabulous product.


  • Reputable manufacturer
  • Impressive noise cancellation ability
  • Balanced audio quality
  • Volume-optimized EQ
  • The wireless design does not limit your movement and gives freedom
  • Super comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Option to share music
  • Dual microphone mechanism
  • Long 20-hour battery life
  • Features voice assistant
  • Comes with an audio cable


  • Higher price point
  • A little bulky which may get uncomfortable while sleeping
  • Earpad material is not the best
  • Bose AR apps are only compatible with Apple devices

5. CozyPhones Sleep Headphones- Best headphones for affordability

CozyPhones Sleep headphones are an excellent choice for those who want to have a fantastic ASMR experience. These are a great option if you are some who enjoys listening to audio at comparatively lower volumes to help you sleep better. The highs, mids and lows have been balanced perfectly to give you the best ASMR triggering soundstage.

The thin, soft, and lightweight Lycra material that it is made of enables you to fall asleep while listening to your favourite ASMR tracks comfortably. The material is super breathable and will not cause you any discomfort even during summers. They come with a unique flexible cable that is braided. This braided feature helps it stay strong and durable if it is pulled at while you sleep. The 52-inch cable prevents you from having short wire issues along with being super comfortable to use. They also come with a 3.5mm jack that you can connect with almost all of your devices.

It has a mesh lining that gives the speakers a grip to stay in place and also lets air pass to keep it cool. In addition to that, the headband can be washed for when it gets sweaty or dirty after usage. And if you are on a budget, you will be relieved to know how cheap these are! They’re such a steal for offering so many fantastic features at such an affordable cost.


  • Excellent noise isolation
  • Thin, breathable material
  • Lightweight
  • Balanced audio output
  • The braided cord is exceptionally durable
  • Budget-friendly
  • Available in multiple colours
  • Also functions as an eye mask


  • Wires may cause discomfort at times
  • Not suitable for those who enjoy louder volumes
  • Fit almost all head types
  • Speakers may move

6. Panasonic RP-HS46E-W Earhook Headphones- Best headphones for a great fit

You are exactly where you need to be if durability and comfort is your top priority! The Panasonic RP-HS46E-W headphones are the perfect choice for on-ear headphones at a super affordable cost. You can enjoy some pretty incredible features without going too heavy on your pockets. Do not be fooled by their slim design; they are capable of producing a killer sound output.

Their ergonomic design secures them on your head and gives a comfortable fit. Additionally, the ear hook offers extra support over the year so that you will not face any problems to keep them on. They are super comfortable for you to fall asleep in. The earphones’ open build allows air to move freely around year yours ears and prevents you from feeling claustrophobic. It also regulates the temperature while producing balanced audio and assuring user comfort.

These headphones produce a distinctive bass and an impressive frequency response with great balance and high precision. The cable that connects the earcups are resistant to microphonics which ensures zero sound distortion.

They have a clip-on design which is very convenient for people who cannot wear earbuds. The clips are amazingly comfortable and keep the headphones in place even while you sleep. The earcups hold on to your ears firmly without too much pressure being exerted by the clamping force. It is strong enough to ensure that sound does not leak out, preventing it from being audible to people around you.

These Panasonic headphones are also compatible with a variety of devices which does not limit your options just to your phone. It has a 3.5mm jack pin. The headset is terrific and does not cut you off from your surrounding environment.


  • Extremely budget-friendly
  • Ergonomic design
  • Features a magnet to hold them together when they are not being used
  • Effective equalization response
  • Clip-on design


  • Wires can cause discomfort at times
  • No active noise isolation

7. Mountains Sleep Headphones- Best headphones for speaker adjustability

For those of you that are worried about portability, here is what you need! The Mountain Sleep headphones are in-ear headphones that make sure no external noise can disturb your ASMR sessions. They are so easy to carry with you; just place them in your pockets, and you can relax pretty much anywhere!  These headband style headphones will make you sleep like a baby while you enjoy some comforting and soothing ASMR sounds.

Now to the feature, you will love the most: their removable headphones feature! If you ever want to go on a run or a hike, all you need to do is use your removable pair of headphones along with your smart gadgets. The cable is braided, which ensures durability and prevents wires from getting entangled. The headband is washable so if they ever get dirty, cleaning them is super easy.

Their Lycra headband is exceptionally durable and strong yet feels super soft at the same time. It offers excellent grip and does not come off if there is slight movement. You can wear these for long durations without feeling any sense of discomfort. In addition to that, it is incredibly lightweight; you will hardly notice that you have it on! The Mountain Sleep headphones are set at a comparatively lower price point. So, if you have a budget to worry about, these are what you are looking for.


  • Super comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Slim headband


  • Not durable

8. Creative Aurvana Live Headphones

These headphones may be the last ones on the list, but they are not the least! Here is another pair of headphones that do not offer anything less than high audio quality, fantastic build design and excellent performance. The Creative Aurvana boast remarkable sound clarity while also being super lightweight. They are so aesthetic-looking, they are sure to catch many eyes while you wear them.

The neodymium magnet driver, along with the ultra-slim bio-cellulose diaphragm ensures a crystal-clear and genuine sound reproduction. The crisp treble and deep bass will not fail to impress you either.

While it has so much to offer, it will surprise you to know how affordable they are. These headphones have so many features for you to exploit without emptying your wallet! The extremely modest price give them a significant edge over their competitors.

The soft leatherette earpads They come in a hard case to make portability easy that protects it from any shocks it may face. Get ready to enjoy your favourite ASMR podcasts with these gems because you are in for a perfect session!


  • Impressive design
  • Incredible audio quality


  • None

What does the ASMR sensation feel like?

The sensation of ASMR can describe a ‘brain spa’. It gives your brain a feeling of relaxation and release, accompanied by a little tingling. It starts at the scalp and from the back of the head, it moves down the length of your spine. You can feel the tingling spread throughout your arms and shoulder and down to your legs.

A study conducted back in 2015 shows that most ASMR listeners said they felt relaxed, dealt with stress, and slept better while listening to it. Interestingly, 80% of the participants claimed that ASMR videos can be a mood booster and may also provide temporary relief from symptoms of depression.

What to Consider While Buying Headphones for ASMR

While looking for the perfect headphones for your ASMR sessions can be time-taking and exhausting, you must make sure that it is productive. It is essential to know what exactly to look for that can fulfil all your ASMR needs. We have listed a few crucial factors that you should pay attention to while purchasing your headphones:


This is such a vital point that you can never, NEVER miss! It is essential to consider the comfort features that a headphone offers before you proceed to further details. Even if they have excellent audio quality, what is the point if they cause you discomfort? Make sure the headphones you choose are comfortable to sleep in and will not interfere with your ASMR sessions.

Audio Quality:

As an ASMR listener, you would not want to miss out on the details of your sounds. This includes rubbing, whispering, scratching, tapping, etc. So, ensure the audio quality in your headphones is satisfactory for you to enjoy your ASMR podcasts fully.

Build Design:

This is important to ensure your headphones last you a while and do not break or get damaged easily. The build quality is also an essential factor that contributes to overall performance as well.

In-ear/ Over-ear:

In-ear headphones are the best option if you want to block out all kinds of external noise. They do that by filling your ear canal, so that surrounding sound does not enter. Over-ear headphones exert some clamping pressure on the ear. If you find that very discomforting, it is better to go for in-ear headphones.


If your headphones are easily portable, you can take them around with you anywhere. You can just put them in your pocket, and you can use them any time you want. Even if you are only using them at home while you sleep, they are still preferable.


The amount you are going to spend on your headphones ultimately depends on your necessity and affordability. If you plan on using your headphones for years to come, we recommend you invest in premium quality headphones. If not, you can always go for cheaper options that offer pretty great features too.


Finally, the ASMR headphones that best suit you are based on what you prefer. The headphones you pick need to be capable of making you feel relaxed and peaceful while you listen to your favourite ASMR tracks or videos. We know the amount of stress picking the perfect pair of headphones can be, and we hope this article has made it a lot easier for you. If you are still indecisive about which ones to buy, read further while we tell you which ones we love.

The Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones have most definitely won our hearts. I mean, how can you not love them? It is impossible not to have a soothing ASMR experience with their fantastic audio quality and impressive noise-cancelling tech. The only downside of these headphones that may concern you is their price point. They are more expensive than a lot of other models. While we do think these are an excellent investment, we have another favourite for those of you on a tighter budget. The CozyPhone Sleep headphones are terrific because of the number of features they offer for such a modest price. They are defiantly worth your money and more!

We wish you luck with finding the best headphones for ASMR to help you relax and have a goodnight’s sleep!

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