The Best Radio AM/FM Headphones for Mowing

Looking for the best AM/FM radio headphones for mowing lawns? This article guides you through the factors to consider when buying radio headphones & presents the best AM/FM radio headphones for mowing the market has to offer.

Buying a piece of technical equipment for a specific purpose is considered quite “old school” these days.

Our mobile phones now act as our go-to piece of technology deemed suitable for almost any purpose.

We can make calls, send messages of various types, listen to music, podcasts and even radio.

So why do we need AM/FM radio headphones specifically for mowing the lawn?

You may have already tried using your current headphones and audio equipment, and it has led you to this article.

Or something is telling you that your sleek, small, relatively flimsy equipment is just not going to cut it when it comes to the loud, rugged, sweaty sport of lawn mowing.

Either way, if you are someone who spends any time mowing your lawn, then you need to invest in some decent noise reduction AM/FM headphones for mowing.


Because AM/FM radio headphones for mowing are specifically designed for 2 things: to protect your hearing and to allow you to listen to your favourite radio show or football game, while mowing your lawn.

Broadly speaking there are 3 different types of radio headphones for mowing lawns available.

The first are 100% AM/FM radio headphones. They don’t do anything else. They have no additional features. These are built specifically for you to listen to the radio wirelessly. 

The second type are Bluetooth enabled headphones with built in AM/FM radio tuners. These headphones are designed to connect to a variety of different Bluetooth enabled devices. 

If you go for this option, you want to make sure they have decent noise cancelling technology, or you won’t be able to hear a thing over the sound of your mower!

The third group are noise reduction AM/FM radio headphones for mowing. These are primarily designed with protection of your hearing in mind. They also have a built in AM/FM radio tuner and in some cases may also have additional connections and features. These should be your first choice when it comes to buying AM/FM radio headphones for mowing the lawn. 

The reviews below focus on the 3rd type of headphone. I have also thrown a couple in from type 2 as well to give you the best possible choices.

What should you be looking for when buying radio headphones for mowing the lawn?

Quality and comfort

The noise reduction headphones with AM/FM radio built in are designed to be more durable than other headphones. There is an expectation that they may be exposed to some rough play. All brands mentioned below cost under $100, so don’t expect the kind of durability you may get from a more expensive product.

In terms of comfort, headphones for mowing and other noisy manual outdoor activities will have a tighter fit. Because they are not designed for hours of wear, this fit may get uncomfortable after a period of extended use.

Noise Reduction Rating (NRR)

NRR describes the noise reduction power of the headphones. The higher the NRR, the better protection and sound isolation you will experience. 30 is the highest NRR level you will find with AM/FM radio headphones for mowing.

Fit for Purpose

Hearing protection headphones with AM/FM radio are designed for a specific purpose so you won’t find extra audio inputs, Bluetooth connectivity or micro-SD card slots. This means that you are buying a product that will do the job, because that’s what it is designed for.

AM/FM reception 

The quality of reception will not only depend on the quality, but also your location and the stations you are listening to. Overall, AM/FM radio headphones with an external antennae will have better reception than those with an internal one. And those designed specifically for radio listening, hearing protection and noise isolation will give you the best results. That’s what they are built for after all!


You want any control buttons to be easily accessible. You don’t want to have to keep stopping in the middle of mowing the lawn to change the station or adjust the volume. Most brands below have you covered on this front with easily accessible, relatively large controls on the outside of the headphones.

Sound quality 

Ok. Let’s get real. Headphones specifically designed for hearing protection are not going to provide you with high quality sound. However, the products on this list have good sound quality for the price.


This is one product you won’t have to worry about saving up for. For $80 or less you can get a decent pair of AM/FM radio headphones, and none below are priced above $100.

3M WorkTunes AM/FM Hearing Protector

3M are known for their safety equipment and these headphones are the most popular choice when it comes to AM/FM radio headphones for mowing lawns. These are the purist’s version- radio listening and hearing protection only!

  • Value for money and price.
  • Great hearing protection
  • Good FM reception
  • Decent sound quality for the price
  • Comfortable-despite their looks the headband padding is thick and the headband itself is adjustable. The earpads are not super soft but they provide a secure, sealed fit around the ear.
  • Easy-to-use and to access controls even while wearing gloves.
  • Noise reduction is 24db. Not the highest level but will help to drown out some of the noise of that loud lawn mower!
  • Good radio reception.
  • If connected to your phone via an audio cable, no batteries are required.
  • Audio Assist Technology helps you program up to 50 radio channels and lets you know when the battery is running low without ever taking the headphones off.
  • Rubberised external antennae.
  • Design is what you would expect from protection equipment- bulky, bright, and sturdy looking with a focus on function over aesthetics.
  • Exposed wires in the connecting cups.
  • Uses AA batteries
  • Not Bluetooth enabled.


Howard Leight by Honeywell Sync Hi-Visibility Digital AM/FM Radio Earmuff

Honeywell is another manufacturer specialising in safety equipment. Like 3M Work Tunes, these radio headphones are built for a specific purpose- to protect your hearing while you catch up on your favourite radio shows.

  • Good solid quality product.
  • Steel headband
  • Thick, soft padding.
  • Nice design.
  • Easy-to-use and access controls.
  • Small LCD screen showing the frequency.
  • Audio input port
  • NRR up to 25db
  • Comfortable
  • Batteries will provide 140 hours of playtime.
  • Good reception.
  • Batteries not required with a phone via the audio input.
  • Satisfying sound quality.
  • Use AA batteries
  • Tight fit but provides a good seal around the ear.
  • You are only able to save 10 pre-set stations.
  • Not Bluetooth enabled.
  • Some exposed wires.


Stanley Sync Digital AM/FM/MP3 Radio Earmuffs

These headphones from Stanley Sync, are not dissimilar to Honeywell’s above. The only difference is the lack of a reflective headband. For the price, these are an excellent set of radio headphones for mowing.

  • Light, sturdy, and durable.
  • Relatively slim ear cups.
  • Good, padded headband.
  • Comfortable and seal nicely around the ears.
  • Easily replaceable cushions.
  • NRR at 25db
  • Easy-to-use and access controls.
  • LCD screen showing the frequency.
  • Rubberised external antennae.
  • AA batteries provide up to 60 hours listening time.
  • Good signal and reception.
  • Audio input so can be used with your phone. When connected to your phone, doesn’t need batteries.
  • Uses AA batteries.
  • Can only save 10 pre-set stations.
  • Volume limit of 82db.
  • Not Bluetooth enabled.


DEWALT DPG15 Industrial Safety Electronic Hearing Muff

DEWALT is another popular manufacturer of safety equipment. This model is their most popular hearing protection model and will not disappoint as AM/FM radio headphones for mowing.

  • Bulky, sturdy design.
  • NRR 25db
  • Tight fit but still offers comfort and a good seal around the ear.
  • Easy-to-use and access controls.
  • Small LCD screen showing the frequency.
  • External antenna for better reception.
  • Audio input to connect to your phone.
  • Bulky, sturdy design.
  • Uses AA batteries
  • Only delivers up to 20 hours play time with one set of batteries.
  • Can only save up to 8 pre-set stations.
  • Sound quality.
  • Price is similar to Bluetooth enabled headphones, but these are not bluetooth enabled.


Retekess TR101 Walkman Headphone Radio FM Stereo Headset

These Walkman headphones stand out in this crowd. They only have an FM tuner, are primarily designed for radio listening and not hearing protection, have a more attractive design and…wait for it…are under $20! Want to peak the interest of your neighbours? Get out on your lawn wearing these bad boys.

  • More comfortable than other brands- lighter and not such a tight fit.
  • Small LCD screen.
  • Audio input port.
  • Good sound quality.
  • Made from 100% plastic unlike other models so may not be as durable.
  • No padded headband but arches instead.
  • No NRR rating but will offer some noise protection.
  • 9 control buttons so a little more difficult to use.
  • Only 30 hours playtime with one set of batteries at 50% volume.
  • Only FM tuner, no AM tuner.


ZOHAN EM042 AM FM Radio Headphone with Digital Display

This is a generic brand of headphone but has similar features to other brands mentioned here. These headphones stand out mainly because of their higher price when compared to other radio headphones for mowing.

  • Solid and durable.
  • Thick, soft padding on the headband.
  • Comfortable and secure fit.
  • NRR up to 24db
  • Easy-to-use and access controls
  • Audio input port.
  • External antennae.
  • Good FM reception.
  • Good sound quality for the price.
  • Uses AA batteries.
  • Bad AM reception.
  • Can only save up to 10 pre-set stations.
  • 20-30 hours of playtime with one set of batteries at 50% volume.
  • Not Bluetooth enabled.
  • Expensive compared to other brands.



ELVEX COM-660R sets itself apart with an analog tuner. Its main downside is the NRR rating at only 22db. However, don’t let this put you off. These are still good quality radio headphones for mowing lawns.

  • Unique design with burgundy ear cups.
  • Comfortable headband padding.
  • Light and super comfortable fit.
  • Easy-to-use and access controls.
  • Audio input port.
  • Up to 150 hours playtime with one set of batteries.
  • Good AM and FM reception.
  • Only 22db NRR rating.
  • Uses AA batteries.
  • No option to save preset radio stations.
  • Volume limit set at 82db.
  • Average sound quality.
  • Not Buletooth enabled.
  • No LCD display to show frequency so you don’t know what station you are on.


ION Audio Tough Sounds Hearing Protection Headphones

These headphones are the first product on this list from an audio and not safety equipment manufacturer. As the name suggests, they offer good hearing protection for tough sounds and pretty good sound quality. The all-black design makes these a stylish choice for radio headphones for mowing lawns.

  • Comfortable fit.
  • Solid, durable build.
  • NRR rating of 25db.
  • Easy-to-use and access controls.
  • LCD screen to show frequency.
  • Audio input and micro USB charging port.
  • Bluetooth enabled with a range of 30 feet.
  • AM and FM tuner.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • Preset up to 20 stations.
  • Good sound quality.
  • Very tight fit that could get painful after a while.
  • 6-10 hours of playtime with one charge depending on whether you are using the Bluetooth feature or not (they advertise for up to 20 hours, which is incorrect).
  • Average radio reception.


Marshall Mid ANC Active Noise Cancelling On-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Marshall make iconic headphones, speakers and other audio equipment. These headphones are no exception. They are wireless, Bluetooth enabled and use active noise cancelling technology. Listen to the radio or connect to one of your playlist while you mow the lawn.

  • Stylish design.
  • Comfortable.
  • Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) technology.
  • Bluetooth enabled.
  • 16 hours playtime.
  • Easy-to-use and access controls.
  • Excellent sound quality.
  • 3 hours to full charge.
  • No NRR rating.
  • No microphone.


Jabra Evolve 75 UC Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Headset 

This Jabra Evolve 75 headset is on this list due to its noise cancelling capabilities and outstanding sound quality. They aren’t specifically designed for mowing the lawn so don’t offer NRR, but they will allow you to enjoy some music or radio show despite the mower noise.

  • Nice design.
  • Bluetooth enabled.
  • Excellent noise cancelling capabilities.
  • Great sound quality.
  • Input to connect to any device.
  • Not very durable.
  • No NRR rating.


Sony WHCH710N Noise Cancelling Headphones 

Sony is known for making good quality audio equipment and other tech. These stylish wireless bluetooth headphones with smart noise cancelling technology will help drown out that mower.

  • Amazing noise cancellation technology that adjusts with external noise.
  • 35 hours playtime with one charge.
  • Bluetooth enabled.
  • Ultra-comfortable design.
  • No microphone.
  • No NRR rating.



Can a lawnmower cause hearing damage?

The simple answer to this is yes. Anything over 85db (decibels) can damage your hearing if you are exposed to it for too long. Lawnmower sound is at 100db and unprotected use for longer than 15 minutes could damage your hearing. This is why it is so important that you wear protective gear when carrying out this activity.

Can you use noise cancelling headphones for mowing the lawn?

Yes. Noise cancelling headphones are safe to use while mowing the lawn. They will dampen the loud sound of your mower, but they won’t provide the same noise control as headphones or earmuffs.

How loud is a sit-on lawnmower?

A sit-on lawn mower emits 90-110dbs, which is way above the healthy level of noise for your ears of 85dbs.

The final cut on radio headphones for mowing your lawn…

The headphones above are specifically designed to reduce external noise while on the go. 

Leaving you to enjoy mowing the lawn, pruning a tree or putting up a shelf while enjoying your favourite tunes, radio show or sports team.

Are you a purist when it comes to your tech? Do you prefer a different piece of equipment for different tasks? Then keep it pure with the 3M Work Tunes.

If you want something more versatile that works for mowing the lawn or teaching online (best headphones for teaching online article). Then give Marshall or Sony a go.

This article has explored AM/FM radio headphones for mowing that provide protection above all else. If you are looking to spend a little more money on something more versatile, then head over to our article titled “The Best Bluetooth Headphones for Mowing the Lawn

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