Historical Site.  All products and services discontinued 2016


North Creek 1.0mH Inductors in 14, 12, 10 and 8 AWG

Specializing in Custom Wound Inductors for Audio and Measurement Equipment;
Crossover upgrades for the Apogee Stage and B&W Matrix 801 and 802;
North Creek Kitty Kat Center Channel, Retired 2016

     Historical Site.  All products and services discontinued 2016

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Retired Products:

Retired Loudspeakers selections from our 25 year history

Crossover Upgrade for the Apogee Stage
Classic Apogee sound with added dynamics and placement freedom.  Retired 2016

North Creek Music Coil (TM) Custom Wound Inductors
Custom wound inductors in 14, 12, 10 and 8 gauge.  Retired 2016

B&W Matrix 801 and 802 Crossover Upgrade
Bringing the most popular recording studio monitors up to date.  Retired 2016.


Historical site.  All products and services discontinued 2016.
We have made a continuous effort to manufacture, stock and supply only those products that we have found to be the
most consistently musical and reliable available to both the manufacturer and the hobbyist.


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