The Best Single DIN Head Unit of

Long car rides happen to be boring when they lack entertainment. However, you can use the best single din head unit to light-up your emotions.

You can keep lively your passengers by entertaining them with videos and audios. 

The single-car stereo will come in various models that match different needs. You can buy them if you cannot afford a double din.

You will, therefore, need proper guidance before landing the right product. You should be cautious of settling for a well-marketed lemon and regret later. 

What’s the best single din head unit?

Here, in this piece, we will unveil eight products for your selection. Our purpose is to give you the right details that will improve your decision making. Let’s set the ball rolling: 

Kenwood KDC – Best Single Din Head Unit for the Budget 

Are you looking for the right single head unit with exceptional features? Indeed, put this product in mind. It is a stereo that the manufacturer created for longevity and power. 

Besides, it features various upgrades that are effective in car stereo. It is Bluetooth capable hence supports multiple related functions. You can activate the Bluetooth whenever you want to make phone calls. It will save you from the inconvenience of answering your calls t from your cell phones.

Furthermore, the Bluetooth is necessary for audio streaming. You will connect to your favorite tracks and enjoy the music as your drive. 

Even better, this product is compatible with several devices. You can connect both Android and Apple supported devices. As such, it is among the best single din head units in the market.

Also, the car stereo has AUX and USB ports to facilitate the connection to your devices. You will still use the cord if that is your preference. Next, the single head unit comes with a SiriusXM ready feature. The user will correctly connect to the satellite radio and access various stations. 

Still, there is other software like iHeartRadio and Pandora. You can select your favorite music from these sources and enhance your entertainment. 

The unit has a 13 digit display to improve some functions. It enables the user to access various controls and settings. For instance, one can read the details of active music. As the car owner, you have the freedom to customize the display in your preference. You can alter the color that will change at different times. 

The package comes with a separate remote to use while changing the colors. But that is not all. The remote can also control the type of music you want to listen to it. The good news is that you can operate the remote while outside the vehicle. 

What We Liked
  • The Bluetooth connectivity feature will allow you to make hands-free calls and listen to music
  • The car stereo has multiple color options on its display screen
  • It comes with Pandora, SiriusXM, and iHeartRadio
  • It is compatible with the steering wheel and other audio controls
  • The wireless remote makes management of the stereo better 
What We Didn't Like
  • It has a poor reception for AM radio

Pioneer AVH-3300NEX – Best Single Din Head Unit with Touch Screen

It is a 7 inch DVD player screen. It is an in-dash receiver featuring a touch screen which one will use to play CDs and DVDs. You can customize this touchscreen to meet your expectations. Moreover, the touchscreen interface is easy to use. 

The presence of Bluetooth technology will promote hands-free calling. As if that is not over, Bluetooth is useful for audio streaming. Interestingly, it supports both Android Auto and CarPlay platforms. It is also compatible with several devices in the car. 

One can let passengers watch movies or play music while driving. Additionally, this car stereo will allow one to add several features. For example, you can add navigation and a backup camera. 

You can use the USB interface cable to connect to your iPhone. The screen will display the name of the artist as you play the song.

You can search the song using the artist’s name or alphabetical order of the song title. The Pioneer AVH has excellent sound quality. It has built-in adjustable EQ controls. However, the user will still enjoy the audio in various formats.

This product is Sirius-ready, where you can enjoy extensive channels worldwide. You can operate the car stereo with Bluetooth by connecting it to the Sirius tuner. 

The Pioneer AVH is a product that considers safety. It has a detachable facelift, which is an anti-theft feature. You will not fear to pack it in a questionable surrounding. You can remove and carry it to wherever you will be going. 

The large screen is useful in displaying the video and audio sessions vividly. Furthermore, the user will find the systems as easy to install. 

There is a step by step instructions on how you can install it. There are instructional videos on the installation procedures. 

What We Liked
  • The single din head units have a wide range of video and video sources
  • Bluetooth hands-free calling and music streaming in the car stereo
  • The touchscreen interface is customizable
  • It has a GPOS integration and more comfortable to navigate menus
  • It has a great design that features a modern look
What We Didn't Like
  • It has limited screen colors
  • The screen is slow to pop up

Pioneer Single Din In-Dash – Best Pioneer Single Din Unit

The single din head unit is a top-notch product that has outstanding features to make it stand out. Moreover, the head unit is CEA -2006 compliant amplifier. The amplifier boasts of an input power that features 50 watts x4. 

The multi-segmented LCD has the support of LED backlight, which is large. However, the din head unit is a CD player stereo receiver. 

Uniquely, this car stereo comes with unique functions that a standard CD player lacks. They include AUX and USB inputs, which you can plug in some devices. This car stereo is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices. You can connect this best single din head to play your favorite music. 

One can control the best single din head with the help of the remote control. The design will enable one to manage the stereo from afar. Alternatively, there is a Pioneer’s ARC app, which will act similarly. You will correctly use this single din android head unit to make several controls.

One will still enjoy the high-quality sound thanks to an RDS tuner. The single din head units will boost the capability of base and volume control design. 

As you use this product, you will not have to worry about theft. It uses a detachable faceplate. The additional faceplate receiver case is useful as additional protection to the protection. 

Typically, this best single din head units feature a sleek design and blackface. Furthermore, car audio has red buttons that will improve the design of the dash.

What We Liked
  • The car audio uses theft-deterrent technology, which makes the user safe from any suspicious environment.
  • The single din car includes a remote control to mage various functions.
  • The single din car stereo is compatible with several devices.
  • The din head units use the RDS tuner to make a high-quality sound.
  • The stereo supports various file formats like MP3 and MWA.
What We Didn't Like
  • The single din car is not compatible with Bluetooth. 

Alpine CDE-HD149BT Single Din – Best Single Din Safe Unit

Alpine CDE –HD is a single head unit that happens to be an upgrade for your car stereo system. The single din head units are excellent products that will not disappoint the user.

Alpine CDE-HD has inbuilt Bluetooth connectivity that will improve its functions. Firstly, they will promote the music streaming and answering calls. Plus, the driver will enjoy a hands-free design.

This din head units have a radio tuner. It will allow you to listen to both FM and AM radio stations. Precisely, it has six AM presets and twelve FM presets. You can make sure you customize these stations. 

Also, the stereo for the car is compatible with the MP3 and the CD. You can use the USB function to connect to the iPhone or Android smartphones. Also, the din car has USB that will enable one to charge other devices.

Besides, the Bluetooth stereo car systems support SiriusXM Radio. It will also help other file format such as WMA that extensively display of artist’s details. 

Another exciting feature is that the stereo has payback and fast forward functions. You can use it for your convenience. Interestingly, the product uses five-sound settings. You have all these options to match your audio needs. 

Specifically, there are MX settings that you can adjust to enhance your sound audio. It will be reasonable to learn these controls as you enjoy the incredible features. The din head units feature six rear RCA jacks. You can use them to connect to the external amplifiers, as you find appropriate. 

You can still add a subwoofer, which is adjustable with convenient controls. This alpine product has a 9-band parametric equalizer.

Last but not least, one can use faceplate controls to manage Pandora music. You can still change the backlight color of the faceplate button. The available colors include red, green, and blue for this best single din. 

What We Liked
  • It has wireless audio support that is compatible with Android and iPhone app
  • The car audio has a storage casing and a detachable faceplate
  • The product has a 9-band equalizer featuring user presets
  • The din head units have an excellent sound studio
  • The USB supports various file formats like MP3, MP4, and WMA
What We Didn't Like
  • The din head units lack the digital audio output

Kenwood KDC-BT562U CD Single DIN – Best Budget Single Din Head Unit

Kenwood happens to be a beautiful product with a sturdy design. One can use it and enjoy its underlying benefits, such as longevity. The din head unit features AM and FM tuner. For that matter, it has excel FM and AM reception.

You will tune in to your favorite station and enjoy music as you drive. The good news is that the car stereo is also a CD player receiver. The manufacturer housed these single din head units with a metallic box for greater strength. The control panels come from high-quality plastic with an elegant design.

The detachable plate makes the best single din to be more secure and safe. It has enhanced security; hence one will not have to worry a lot about theft. It also uses a 13 digit LCD with a red button illumination. Concerning the same, it will improve the general outlook of your dashboard. 

It allows one to play CDs. Furthermore, you can plug it on the iPhone, iPod, or any Android as you play your music. You can improve the sound quality by using Q-sound control. Your musical files will produce a crisp and clear sound.

The USB will play and support various file formats such as FLAC, WMA, WAV, and MP3 files. One can use Drive Change to navigate between multiple devices. There is a control that boosts bass and loudness. You can control the level of sound in the car to suit your style.

If you want to experience the best sound quality, then place it in the car’s speakers. The detachable remote control will allow passengers to control the stereo. 

What We Liked
  • The USB port will perfectly play the music for various devices.
  • The single din head unit supports multiple file formats like FLAC, WAV, WMA, and MP3.
  • The single din head units are compatible with various audio controls on your steering wheel.
  • The single din head units have a front-facing AUX port input and USB port.
  • The single din head unit has a remote control for various passengers to manage the stereo.
What We Didn't Like
  • The single din head unit does not have Bluetooth connectivity. 

Sony MEX-N5300BT – Best Apple Single Din Head Unit

One can use Sony MEX to transform the vehicle into an entertainment zone. You can utilize its functional features that make this product stand out. The stereo is Bluetooth compliant hence allowing various functions.

Firstly, it will play music right away from the CD. It also connects well with the FM and AM stations. 

The package comes with an already installed SiriusXM radio. You can access various local radio stations as you drive towards your destination. Typically, this system tolerates high power. Precisely, it uses 40 watts of RMS. It also uses a digital amp that supports 100watts peak x 4.

The same Bluetooth will wirelessly connect to your Android and Apple devices. The user will enjoy hands-free calls. The Pandora, satellite radio, and SiriusXM are playable within the car stereo. You will see the name of the artist on display. 

There is a front USB port that one can use to charge the devices as you play music. Still, there is an AUX port that enables a variety of connections. The devices use ClearAudio+ TM and DSEE technology. It will deliver the rich sound that will reflect from the speakers of your car. 

The system uses a dynamic color illuminator where you can select from 35,000 colors. The colors will surround the system to give an impressive décor. The stereo also uses a Pal application that will allow one to access music storage. Moreover, the product features various audio options like MP3, AAC, and WMA.

Besides, it uses RCA preamp output that supports a 2V power output. It also supports the subwoofer amplifier to standardize the quality of music. 

What We Liked
  • The car stereo has several scopes for your attachment
  • It supports multiple applications and multiple audio formats
  • It uses Bluetooth to help wireless connections that allow music streaming
  • It has excellent sound balancing quality
  • It is compatible with various devices
What We Didn't Like
  • It lacks a touchscreen.

Jensen MPR419Q 7 Character LCD Single DIN Car Stereo Receiver – Best Single Din with LCD Screen

Jensen is an elegant car stereo with a high resolution. It uses a seven-character LCD that will promote easier management. The seven-character LCD will enhance a comfortable viewing experience. As you drive your car, the screen will keep all the presets and apps in your fingers. 

Uniquely, the screen was highly responsive. Beyond that, the car stereo features a Qi wireless charging. You will be in a position to access your favorite music. There is a navigation app that the driver will put to use when driving. It uses non-slip materials, which are also durable. 

You can use Siri when operating the stereo. You only need to press the Siri button and speak to it for the execution of commands. The device has an upgraded Bluetooth, which will pair with various Bluetooth devices. On another note, the user will make hands-free calls. 

Furthermore, you can use the Bluetooth function for audio streaming. You can enjoy favorable music from other paired sources. The head units have USB that one will use to charge other devices. 

The product supports various file formats such as MP3 and MWA player. You can access them to listen to the music of your choice.

The system has a tuner that will enable you to access AM and FM stations. The single din radio has around 30 stations presets for your selection with food sound quality.

You can still customize the settings to your preferences. For instance, the stereo has a two-band tone control, which is either base or treble. 

Besides, it has high-quality audio sound due to great technology. The product features a year’s warranty. 

What We Liked
  • It uses a seven-character resolution that enables comfortable viewing experience
  • The Bluetooth technology will promote hands-free calling
  • The product will support various file formats like MP3 and WMA
  • The single din head unit has customizable features to your preference
  • The head unit is compatible with both apple and android platforms
What We Didn't Like
  • The car stereo head unit with Bluetooth may glare in a bright environment

JVC KD-T900BTS – Best Single Din Head Unit for Sound Quality

JVC KD is the best single din head unit that comes with various basic features. The features in this stereo car unit are necessary to make it more effective. 

The head unit will promote high-quality sound transfer. The sound will ideally travel from the device of the speakers of your car. 

The device uses Bluetooth technology, which will pair two devices. One can go to your tablet while the remaining one pairs to the smartphone. The Bluetooth will correctly connect to Apple devices like iPhone and iPod. You can use it to play music from these devices. 

Bluetooth connectivity is necessary for audio streaming and making phone calls. As you play music, it will display the name of the artist. It helps the user to select the favorite song in the track.

The single head unit has a digital time alignment app. You only need to download it on the phone and use it as a remote control. The same app will also support FLAC music that is commonly in expensive models. 

The product uses a 13-band-equalizer to give you more options for controls. The user will take advantage of it to connect to various stations.

Interestingly, this model has a removable face. It protects from any possible theft. Also, the display features several colors for your selection. Covering the stereo will work too. The same LED color illumination will make the panel seem decorative. Furthermore, you can use the same illumination to set the right ambiance to listen to music.

Besides, there is a USB port to support music playback. You only need to plug the smartphone or flash disk and play via USB.

What We Liked
  • The car stereo unit has Bluetooth features to connect to multiple devices
  • The 13-band equalizer will allow one to listen to favorite stations
  • It has various color displays that will improve the decor of the panel
  • It has a USB port to facilitate USB charging
  • The stereo for the car is compatible with the remote control app
What We Didn't Like
  • It is challenging to program satellite radio stations

Buying Guide for the Best Single Din Head Unit

There is a considerable difference between a single din touch screen and a double bin. You can draw a clear line by size. 

Most of the single din head units come in 7×2 inches. They can be a great choice when doing a replacement in your old car. However, you require the proper facts before settling for the right pick. 

In this section, we will dwell on specific elements that will aid your selection. It is an undeniable fact the finding the right product is not easy.

As you arm yourselves with these facts, you will eventually settle for the best pick. 

1. Versatility

The right single din head unit should give an allowance for expansion. It should be a product that will tolerate future upgrades.

The external components will enhance your driving and listening experience. For instance, the head units can have a Bluetooth feature to improve audio streaming.

Furthermore, Bluetooth should allow hands-free calling. The design is not only safer but convenient in your operations. 

As you look for the right head unit product, settle for the one with more features. It will help you in making your journey more exciting.

2. Playback Options

Music may manifest in various forms. As a listener, you can get it directly from the SD cards, MP3, CDs, and thumb drives. 

The single din may feature some playback features. As you travel for a long distance, you will need a unit that has a USB port. You will use it to play music and charge your phone.

One can decide to listen to certain tunes through physical media. That is where the Bluetooth comes in handy. You can consider the one that has a CD player too. 

3. GPS Navigation

The latest and modern cars come with proper equipment to determine direction. If you own an old car, then make sure you fit the single din that has the feature.

The unit should have a robust GPS feature. You will enjoy a luxurious feel as you drive your car. It gives an impressive look to your dashboard.

Most importantly, it will allow you to know your destination accurately. You will safely reach your goal without missing the mark.

The feature comes in handy when you want to avoid a traffic jam. You can get an alternative route and arrive faster than you thought. 

4. Power

You need to know the RMS power output of your unit. You can check the rating on the product’s labels. 

You will use the RMS rating to know the amount of power the unit will maintain. The secret lies in the higher power rating. One will get better service in terms of performance when using a high power rating. 

Whenever you combine the single din car stereo with the subwoofer, it remains fantastic. You can get a bone rattling-bass, which has good sound quality. 

5. Controls 

Different units feature multiple controls. Various models will feature a variety of controls for you to use in operation. You must choose easy to use controls. They should be functional as well as not cluttering the unit’s face. 

For instance, you can look for the one that uses a wireless remote control. The design will allow passengers to use the unit effectively.

If you are a technologically savvy individual, use the available app. Some apps will act as a remote control when operating the ideal head unit. 

6. Smartphone Integration

The single din head unit should allow smartphone integration. The design will enable the user to make and receive calls wirelessly. The technology will allow the user to listen to the audio music wirelessly. Overall, smartphones can be either from Android or Apple platforms. 

7. Design

The right single din the unit should have excellent aesthetics. You can choose the design that will match the interior of the car. 

The most costly units have customized displays and lighting. But that is only partly true. We still have some devices that are less expensive with impressive designs. 

The design of the unit would perfectly fit on the dashboard. Most importantly, you should easily install it as a DIY task. 


1. What’s the best head unit for sound quality?

JVC KD-T900BTS single din head unit produces excellent sound quality. Also, you can customize the sound to your preference. The product has the right controls and mechanisms in sound tuning. 

2. What are the best head units?

All the products on our list will fit into this category. Most importantly, our best choice that stands out from the rest is JVC KD. 

3. How do I choose a head unit for my car stereo?

You must consider specific elements like compatibility with smartphone devices. You must know its power rating since it determines its performance. It should be flexible top accommodate various playback options like CD, and MP3. 

4. Is pioneer a good brand for car audio?

Pioneer is a good and reliable brand for car audio. It has standard features that will make it functional. It will enhance your driving experience.

In Conclusion

Single din head units are vital components of your car. You can use them to accomplish several functions. As a result, you will enhance your driving experience. They are alternatives to a double din.

We have been discussing the 8 best products for your selection. Fortunately, we have our best product that we would like to present to you. 

Our number one recommendation is JVC KD-T900BTS. It is a great product that uses Bluetooth to pair with other devices. Moreover, the Bluetooth will allow the user to make hands free calls.

The 13-band equalizer will enable you to access various radio channels. Furthermore, it uses a USB port for charging other devices. You can also use a wireless remote to control to manage the head unit.  

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